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I reinstalled the Mach software and the wizards are working again.
I did not use the game controller after re-install.

I took many notes of my configurations so I could reconfigure mach back to where it was,,,, although after re-installing, it remembered all my configs.  SWEET!.
I just reran some wizards and it posted code for review like it should,,,, no runaway code.

Well,  seemed to have solved it,, but if anyone has a fix for this,, (other than re-installing) please post it.  It may happen again.  Or it may happen to someone else as well.

As always, thanks Hood for your attention to my problem...

The game controller was installed in this order,,,
I did not install the software that came with it.
I plugged it in (usb)
"Found new hardware",, recognized it by name and said it was ready to use.
I ran keygrabber, chose it for use, set the keys.

To enable it, I must run keygrabber then run mach (mill or turn) from keygrabber.
It ran fine for many hours.  but,, yep,, a glitch could always be introduced...

I might could find another keyboard,, (ps2 type,, easy to find since usb)  But,,, I wonder, is there even a hotkey to run the gcode when pressing "post code" button,,, without previewing it?
In my opinion I would NEVER want to do that.... hmmmm....  this is an odd one, for sure. 

I appriciate your attention to this Hood,,,
Last resort is to reinstall mach3,,,,,  Is there a way to just reinstall, or copy wizards over?  Maybe manually replace the turn wizard folder from office PC to shop PC..?
Couldn't hurt I guess...

No, I have not gone that far with it.  I only didnt use keygrabber to load mach3turn.  I started mach from the shortcut on the desktop. (which disables the remote function).

What's the cleanest way to ensure that I have disabled the controllers plugin?
(Strange that it would just start doing it out of the blue like that,,, or maybe not.)
Shouldn't reboot clear that up?

No,, the only thing I have added is a game controller for remote control.  I have run wizards many times since I installed it.

This problem popped up just out of the blue!....

oh, and I also started mach without the remote to see if that was the problem.


A strange thing happened when I went to use one of the wizards in Mach turn.
I've been using them very often but this was the first time this happened.  (scared the crap outta me!).

I was filling in the data for the OD turning wiz and when I clicked post code to preview the code and part image it started running the code instead.
It just took off!

So I tried another wizard, the taper one.  Same thing.
I did the usual,
Restart Mach3Turn, didn't fix it.
Restart Computer, didn't fix it.

If I exit the wizard when it runs off like that, I can see in mach3 that it is running the program with "no file loaded".  Clicking edit opens a blank notepad file.

Anyone else ever have this problem?

Thanks for any help and advice.....

General Mach Discussion / Re: Strange motor speed on reversing....
« on: May 09, 2009, 09:45:22 PM »
Thanks again RICH,,, and Hood.
Feels motivating to be confident in the machine. 
I increased the motor velocity to 30 and accel to 1.5 and it was stable and smooth.
I also decreased the shuttle accel from .15 to .05 (per RICH suggestion)
Worked great.!!!
My motors never got hot.

I also went to radio shack and bought a game controller and set it up for my jogging to setup the part.  Now that is REALLY nice to have for manual maching.
Anyone know what the hotkeys are (if any) for setting x and z part zero?

Made a few parts tonight using the wizards,, nothing special, but rewarding for me.
I know it is silly to post pics of such simple parts,, but for me it was a milestone moment in setting up the lathe.
Yes,,, thats the "Devo Hat" in the pic.  A bit larger than the last 25, and made from aluminum, not delrin.
they are attached.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Strange motor speed on reversing....
« on: May 09, 2009, 01:57:08 PM »
Thanks Rich,  (yeah, I know I posted the wrong xml file,,,,sorry I edited the post mentioning that but not in time,,, )
Adjusted and troubleshooted your suggestions and it is now cutting DIA within .002"  Not too bad, but I imagine it could be better??

Heres what Iv'e done,
1.) DISabled idle current
2.) Retuned the X to 31900  after cutting and measuring DIAs and tuned with trial and error.  (Many more Devo Hats!)haha
3.) Checked backlash by cutting DIA NOT using my indicator.  Turns out there is ZERO backlash on X.  baclash on Z is same and set to 50%
4.) Switched to exact Stop Mode.
5.) my motors speed and accel are 20 and 0.45.  (I'm sure I could increase the accel but taking it slow for dial in.)

I'm going to make a few more parts working with your step 6 suggestion to have a good accel setting.  (All that "whining up and down was annoying).
I'm going to check the parts and see if anything else is off.  Maybe tweak a bit more.

I'm very happy with the setup now.  You guys have been GREAT Help!!  I thank you all very much!!!

General Mach Discussion / Re: Strange motor speed on reversing....
« on: May 09, 2009, 08:20:05 AM »
I didn't want to post such a long file so I converted to pdf.

I'm sorry, got in a rush and posted the wrong one.  I hope this hasn't caused any trouble.... :-[

This is the backlash comp. 

Backlash Comp
      Backlash X = .0012 (Per Dial Indicator)
      Backlash Z = .0185 (Per Dial Indicator)

Idle Current Reduction (From the hobby cnc instruction manual)

Idle Current Reduction
Jumper J4 controls this function on each axis. This allows the current to be reduced to @50% after no
movement for approximately 10 seconds on that axis. This may reduce stepper motor heating. Each axis is
individually settable. Remove J4 jumper to enable this function. Install jumper on J4 to disable it. A word
of caution is in order. Idle current reduction MAY cause lost steps IF your software settings are very
aggressive for the start rate and accel rate. It takes a few microseconds to restore full power when
commanded to move from an idle current reduced condition. Experiment a bit with this.
As an alternate to the 50% reduction, substituting R2,R4,R6,R8 with a 4.7K value (not included) will
allow only @30% current reduction. (3A down to 2A for example). This may allow more aggressive software
se~ups. Note that 20K would allow @75% current reduction.
Synchronous and Asynchronous Mode
Asynchronous function is active for all stepping modes. Approximately 10 seconds after last movement
the stepper driver will automatically switch to synchronous mode. This helps prevent stepper "hiss" when not
moving. The time delay is directly related to the idle current delay resistors (100K) installed in step #2. This
function is always active and is independent of idle current enable/disable J4 jumper setting.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Strange motor speed on reversing....
« on: May 08, 2009, 05:09:03 PM »
I won't be able to get to the shop tonight.  I will make some notes and look at my hobby cnc info here.
I will be in the shop tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any time.

I'll change out the motor tomorrow and rerun the gcode program.

Thanks everyone.!!!


Good gosh,,,,  I guess I was drawn to  lurking around the CV settings for it,,,,

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