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General Mach Discussion / Problem with cutting quality when turning
« on: April 13, 2009, 11:37:29 AM »
Hello everyone.  This is my first post so thanks in advance for helping out the new guy.

I have a problem which I believe I have narrowed down to Mach III mis-interpreting the g-code I give it.  I get a grooved pattern on the preview screen that is exactly duplicated when the part is cut.  No change in feedrate or depth of cut has any affect.  The gouges are always in the exact same place. 

First instinct says that the g-code is based on bad geometry, but this whole curve is only three lines of code, two G02s and one G03.  Any ideas?  I get perfect cuts if I go diagonally or straight.  It only does this on curves and it does the exact same thing if I use all G01s.  Any help is greatly appeciated.

Here's how the curve looks in my CAM software's simulation screen.....

and here's what it looks like in Mach III.  I would normally just attribute this to imperfect graphics, but the parts are very similar to what's on the screen.

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