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Feature Requests / mach3
« on: April 12, 2009, 10:43:31 PM »
Hello all,

New to cnc and I'm looking for step by step instruction on how to set up my cnc router in mach 3 to the point that i can start to cut some thing
My cnc is a rockcliff  breakout board and drivers and the stepper motors are all purchased from www.rockcliffmachine.com and i have mach3  configured to the point that i can jog the x,y,z axis.
Now i am trying to find out what to do next  i have read so many things in the forum that i am not sure what to do next
i have attached a pic of my machine

thx in advance 59caddy

Hello again,

I have been looking thru this forum trying to find step by step instruction on how to set up my rockcliff cnc router in mach3,if it is or if some one can point me in the right direction that would be great

thx caddy

Hello my name is Bert, i live in southern Ontario,born and raised in Holland,Carpenter/cabinet maker by trade,I got into cnc because of my other hobby RC helicopter/plane/boats/Jets and just finished building my Rockcliff cnc router, I'm in right now trying to set up my machine,CNC i don't know a thing about it and have to read a lot and try to understand everything before i am ready to cut something on my machine.
I hope i can find the support here that i am going to need,i will search the forums and try to find answers before asking them


Hello all  i am just became a member of this site and came across this video of the heli , being a rc heli pilot my self i can tell you that was a amazing recovery on the end and what a beautiful chopper very nice job


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