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Hi all!

I have connected a CNC system built around Mach3 .042, to a machine which has 2 linear axes and 2 rotary axes. The linear axes have velocity set in mm/min and the rotary axes in degrees/min.

If I use G1 with an F-word, while invoking a linear axis, I know I'm talking of mm/min. When I invoke motion in a rotary axis alone, I know I'm talking of degrees/min. But how do I reconcile the F-word in multi-axis motion? For example, how do I make sense of this G-code scrap:
G1 X100 Y102 A23.2 B35 F100
where X and Y are linear axes; A and B are rotary axes.

How does the F-word work here? What does it mean in the above scrap? How do I generate Gcode from a CAM software for this?


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