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I am not sure why it throws this error. I see you reference it in the manual but no fix. I am sure it is something I did.

Dave, first of all your screens look great. Now for the bad part. I am going to be in over my head for the next few years or at least til I perish or switch hobbies. There is going to be a lot of new things for me to learn besides just trying to calibrate and run my machines. You all keep creating interesting things that I have no comprehension of how they work yet. On to the topic. I did uninstall 1 & 2. Installed Beta v2.1 and after I figured out how to get my taskbar to autohide everything was fine (at least I had control of the screens finally :-[) I was too embarassed to write you about that. I have access to the manual in the files but I cant seem to reference it thru the "reference tab" in fact nothing on the left hand side, ie user manual, Mach3 release notes, MSM Rel Notes, G & M Quick Reference & Gcode manual seem to activate. All of the buttons on the right side seem to work fine. Right during start up it seemed to allow me to point towards a specific file. I thought I had pointed it in the right direction (everything is in their default folders) as this is where I can read them from direct. I dont seem to see any way to change that now. Thanks and again good looking work. 

General Mach Discussion / What does "Allow Wave Files" do?
« on: July 02, 2010, 06:58:49 PM »
In the general configuration page there are 2 settings I cant find any info on and no searches turn up anything.
Allow Wave Files
Allow Speech
Any ideas or know how to use them?

So I am back with the tool changer macro. Upon opening the correct macro with the Vb script editor, what do I do with it from that point? Save it? Are the arrows and run buttons supposed to do something in this state? If I try to press the (what would appear to be a play button) all it says is "syntax error". I was under the impression that Mach needs to be closed and restarted right after this particular step and that the macro would run upon the next start. Is that right?

General Mach Discussion / Tool change macro use?
« on: March 30, 2010, 09:41:30 PM »
Yesterday I posted my 6 tool  macro on the VB board. Another user here confirmed the macro was indeed for a 6 position rotary tool changer. He claimed that it rotated 60 or so degrees and backed up into the pawl approx 10 deg. I am pretty lost on most of this stuff and the macro use is beyond that it seems. I have read for weeks and watched videos trying to get ready for the day I would get to see the tool changer rotate via m code. I have fine control on all axis' and the A axis is in degrees and seems to move just as commanded EXCEPT thru the tool changing macro or either I am not doing something correctly when using the macro (very likely). Tell me where I am going wrong.
I open mach 3
click on "Operator"
click on "VB Script Editor"
click "file"
click "open file"
select "M6Start.m1s"
click "edit"
close and save allowing to replace other M6Start file
Close Mach and save any and all that pops up
Restart Mach
Go to the MDI screen and type in M6 T1 01
The tool number changes and that is all. The tool changer doesnt move. If I remove the M6 nothing changes. Though the tool number changes the position on the A axis Dro doesnt change either.

VB and the development of wizards / Tell me about this macro please!
« on: March 30, 2010, 12:18:13 AM »
I have a lathe with a 6 tool rotary changer. I was given a macro that is for this machine but since I dont know how to load or use a macro ( I have watched the videos but I am still missing something). I believe the tool changer macro is labeled "M6". I have been reading and trying to undertand these values and parameters and when I opened the file I couldnt tell if actual values were installed. Any help would be great. Things I did prior, in general config I checked "run macropumps", in operator I opened VB script editor and loaded the "M6" macro and saved changes. I then closed and reopened Mach. When I opened Mach and typed in M6 T101 in the MDI box I would see the tool number change but no change in the axis position of A. I have full control of that axis. It is set for 360 degrees and if I spin it 90 degrees that is what it does. I dont understand script. Btw the power is on! LOL

General Mach Discussion / Custom xml and screen installation
« on: March 06, 2010, 09:45:49 AM »
I was given an xml and screenset that is currently working on a lathe conversion like I am trying to attempt. I dont find any instructions on exactly how to load or apply them.  That being said the above mentioned xml was not for the G540 I am installing in my machine. Gecko has a specific xml. How would I install either 1 into the profile I want to use? Thanks

General Mach Discussion / Use Spindle Feedback in Syn Modes ? Experiences
« on: December 15, 2009, 10:07:28 PM »
Anybody understand this? The wording seems like it would be obvious but is it? I swear I have run threads both with and without it checked with similar if not better results without it checked. If it is checked, I uncheck spindle speed averaging as they would seem to conflict in the threading scheme, again I could have some flawed understanding of what is necessary. And today in a lapse where I had been using the manual speed control, I forgot to switch it back to automatic speed control on my spindle, hit cycle start and somehow the tool still hit the right place on each return pass at least 5 times before I realized my error. You know if I had a list of all the things to reset, change, plug back in, I couldnt see the machine.  ;D

General Mach Discussion / Homann DC04? Threading with pics
« on: December 14, 2009, 08:42:56 AM »
I have just installed a DC-04 and got it working pretty well. I am not getting any response from Peter. Could be that I sent the mail on the weekend or could be computer problems as I have been experiencing all kinds of strange email problems. Almost no email for a week or more including no junk mails then a flood. Anyway, I can use the tach and in manual mode I can attain a 1450 rpm, however under automatic I can only get 1096-1100? I have tried changing the PID values and it did help me to understand what those settings were for, they didnt help. I had read about a trimpot adjustment but the way it was worded made me think it was for the manual setting. Anyone have an idea? I did get to do some threading and it is very close to correct and cool to watch without having to worry if you are going to engage into the correct location manually. Speed control matches the S command perfect until 1100 rpms.

General Mach Discussion / Spindle speed calibration?
« on: December 12, 2009, 11:30:24 AM »
Well I finally got my new speed controller board from Sherline. I connected it back up and everything worked as it should or appeared/s to. I installed the min din and Dc 04 and all seems to work however the speeds requested and speed delivered are 2 different things. If I am in manual mode it appears to turn about 1480rpms. So in pulley configuration under pulley 1 I have set the max as 1480. However when entering M3 S1300 I might see 480. So far the maximum I can achieve is 1100 no matter what I tell it. If I am on the diagnostics screen I see the light blink everytime the mark passes the sensor, when I manually turn the spindle. At speed it is hard to tell if it is seeing each pass but appears to. I have tried using the index and timing as the input with the exact same rpm reading after setting changes. Any ideas? Autocal doesn’t seem to do anything. It does go thru its routine and asks me if I want to save the findings. I select yes, then I select save changes, restart Mach and it is right back where I was. So close and yet so far. No smoke though, everything still works predictably if in manual mode. I have tried with and without spindle speed feedback with no differences.

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