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Sorry Hood the power supply on this computer suddenly 'Popped its Clogs' and died, It was very annoying as I had only bought it a few weeks ago.
Anyway Maplin exchanged it for a new one, so you can see that I have been too busy to check Mach3. I did notice however that the operator tab has two lines marked Brain and Brain control or something similar, are these the same as the calculations on the Jog, if so is it possible to alter the settings in there,

Certainly no offence taken, I am only too glad to profit from others experience, such as yourself.
I am at home now, but I plan to go to my workshop tonight as my computer to control the mill, is away from my house,
and the computer has not got internet access. I will try your suggestions and let you know tomorrow.

I get 1 pulse for 1 click, but 9.9**** something for continous movement.
Also thanks for your input Bill

Thank you Hood for your offer to look at the XML page of my Mach3 program ,please find attached
Regards Eugene

Thanks for your offer to look at my xml of the MACH3 system that I am using.
 It might take a day or two as I have a seperate computer dedicated to the milling machine
I downloaded and printed out all the 180 odd pages of the instructions for MACH3
and I have been through the settings over and over again. I have come to the reluctant conclusion
that I must have a faulty MPG unit as it works but only to jerk up and down.
Please let me know if you agree
I will post the xml settings in a day or two.

Thank you for the input Hood but I have already done what you suggest with no result.

General Mach Discussion / problems with Rotary Manual Pulse Generator.
« on: March 16, 2009, 03:40:02 PM »
I am an elderly ex development toolmaker, I have bought a Seig X3 Milling machine and have converted it to CNC with a kit, and the MACH3 program
I have been learning how to use the Mach3 program and I have machined several small parts using Mach3 and a C11G breakout board.
However I have come up against a problem with the MACH3 program, which is driving me to tearing out what is left of my hair.
I fitted a Rotary Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) to control the Z movements.
The supply for the MPG to 5V and gnd and the A and B terminals to inputs 15 and 17 on the breakout board.
I also set the Cal setting to 1 & 100. The problem that I have got is that instead of the head moving smoothly
 in response to turning the wheel the head moves up and down in jerks, whichever way the MPG is turned, and nothing I can do in MACH 3 will change it.
I ma beginning to wonder if MAC3 has been corrupted. Please can anyone help me.
Best wishes to all.

Thanks for the info Bret

I am having problems setting up a Manual Pulse Encoder for the Z axis on a Seig mill using a C11G breakout board and Mach3
I have set the inputs to use Port 1#: Inputs A# 11 and B#13 but I still do not know how to tell Mach3 to use the Z axis.
Can any one help a newbie to CNC?

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