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It may not be connected but I had a problem using G41 with G91 and arcs were highly distorted.  Ger21 suggested to use Version 3.043, the development version and this fixed the problem.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Problems using G41 with G91
« on: July 09, 2009, 09:49:57 PM »
Many thanks, 3.43 seems to do it.  I also tried 3.042.027 but that was bad.


Hi all, I joined back in Feb, and have just put in a request for help with my first post so I thought that I should introduce my self.

Apprenticeship with Royal Air Force servicing aircraft wireless and radar, back in the days of valves (vacuum tubes), did 13 years in RAF.
Then 8 years maintaing mainframe computers IBM clones.
2 short jobs about a year each which introduced me to micro-processors
20 years programming, Fortran and assembler, maintaining an on-line betting system, then the system was replaced by a new one so I was shunted to do other things so when a year later they offered my re-dundancy I accepted it with pleasure.
I have been in my current position, retirement, for nearly 9 years and am very happy in the role, the only problem is that the money is not good.


General Mach Discussion / Problems using G41 with G91
« on: July 09, 2009, 10:20:57 AM »
Having decided to move my drivers from the plastic case that they came in into a metal case so that they are screened I looked for details of the cutouts required for DB9 connectors.  I found that some G code was included for this job in the MACH3 release, in shapes.tap, BUT it is in Absolute mode and I wanted a positionless subroutine for multiple cutouts in s single program.  I did the conversion and the results were somewhat interesting :-

If the subroutine is run at the position where the toolpath has been regenerated it is almost correct, but the finish co-ordinates are slightly off, but when you move away from the regereration point and call it again you get some very interesting paths cut/dispalyed.

I am attaching a self extracting zip containing a readme file along with various implementations of the code and the xml file that I was using. MACH3 Versioin R3.042.020

I also ran it on my internet machine, demo license Version R2.63 with the default xml with very similar results


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