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Looking at holetest.tap and adding or subtracting .118 for the tool size your G code gives me .175" hole, a .5" hole with a .1752" island and a 1" hole with a .5" island.
The G code is correct. Do you have any numbers plugged into the tool window?

Another question, your file is labeled "hole test conventional" does the conventional part mean conventional milling as compared to climb milling?
That is what it looks like to me running your program. What happens if you re post the program in climb mode?

When you say "Pocketing with Island avoidance" do you have a program that is creating your G code by giving it the parameters for the pocket and island?
If so, what program is it?

In motor tuning, what is your steps per set at?

I have been running a BOSS 5 using the original steppers, power supply and driver boards for the last ten years.
I get 120 IPM rapids at least 90 IPM circular moves. I built a circuit board that plugs into the Bridgeport card cage
and connects to the computer. Originally I was using AHHA software but have just recently moved it over to Mach 3.
I have PC control of the spindle and coolant.
Most of the problems with the Bridgeport stepper drive electronics was caused by Bridgeport's software.
In the 100s of these mills that I have helped change to PC control I have only run across 3 or 4 bad motors.

My DF4 is running an E-Sky receiver, Super Skids, Acro 280BB main motor, tower Pro servos and a 10C 2200 ma battery.
Still running a Plastic rotor but not the DF one.

You can jump from 5 volts to EN.

You need 5 volts on the EN connector next to the power input connectors.
Jumper X6 must be on Pins 1 & 2. Jumper X7 could be tried first on Pins 1 & 2 Then on Pins 2 & 3 if 1 & 2 don't work.

Have you checked the 5 volt power input to the C10?

If terminal 3 is connected to the pin that is set to X dir in Mach 3 then I would suspect the board.

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