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All axis are happy at 64000.  I am going to try some test runs to check accuracy.

At 64K G1 X10 F10 moves X 10"


The X axis seems happy at 64,000.  Not so for Y.  I'll try G1X10F10 in the morning.


Count them - there's the problem . . . I'm a musician, I have trouble past 4.   ;D

At 40,000 G0 X10 gets me 8 - 1/4".   TPI is 10.  Based on your previous remarks, that must be a more standard tpi.  :)


Well, that's an improvement - but not there yet.  With 22,000 steps per inch G0 X10 moves X 5 - 7/16". 

Weird one - if you only knew what else goes on around here.  LOL 
Maybe I'm missing the obvious, is there a trick to calculating threads per inch?



Best I can tell the screws are 11 tpi (p=.0909).  Motors are direct coupled to these screws.


Professor Hood -  ;)

I have spent some time trying to get the motors tuned up and am having problems calibrating the system.  I have tried both calculating steps per unit and using the automatic setup in Mach 3.  I set inches as my native unit.  When I have the X axis move 1 unit it only moves 9/16".  I click OK and have Mach 3 adjust the steps and repeat the process getting the same result.  All three axis respond the same. 

I went to motor tuning and put in a value of 10000.  I then went to the MDI set the DRO for X axis to 0 and entered G0 X10.  The axis moves 1 - 9/16".
My Applied Motion drivers are set for a 2000 S/R resolution.  The resolution of my stepper motors is 200. 

Thanks again,


General Mach Discussion / Re: Where do you live ?
« on: February 26, 2009, 03:19:37 PM »
St. Louis, MO


That appears to be the problem.  I tested on one of the drives and it appears to function properly.

Thank you for your help and patience.  I may need some further help tuning motors . . . I'll let you know.

Thanks again,


Should be 5VDC as well.  It is coming off the CNC Crafter power supply that is original to the system.  That supply line should be fine, as it has not changed and the test mode of the drivers functions correctly. 


Here is a down and dirty drawing of my wiring.  LPT-1 pin 1 and 14 are limit switches.  LPT-2 pins 1 and 14, and pins 16 and 17 are the other sets of limit switches.


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