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Bought a Mach3 licence today and now it works... if only the number 150 had been on the download page...

Thanks for the tip...


Here are a simple file. It is the same problem with all files.

Could it be that Mach3Turn have a limit of 150 instead of the 500 stated on download-page?

I'll have to buy it then... :)

If it would be a license-problem, why only after pressing RESET? And why only if puls-driver installed?



I have installed the demo-version to test Mach3 and I have a strange problem in Mach3Turn.
If I start Mach3Turn and load a g-code file everything looks ok. I can hit regen and no problems. I can scroll throuh the g-code file, about 300 lines.

If I then press RESET and press regen, the g-code gets corrupted. If I scroll the g-code-window after line 150 everything i messed up and the last line(s) just keep repeating.

This problem only occurs when the puls-driver is installed. I have tried to reinstall the whole operating system. XPsp3. It is the same problem with different gcode-files. 150 lines ok.

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