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Galil / Re: Kitamura T-12 with Galil DMC-1840 and Contec I/O Setup
« on: November 05, 2013, 05:20:14 AM »
I personally would keep the original drives and try and find a converter  as your  drives are industrial quality much better than Rutex or Geko types...the only other option I would look at would be fitting ac drives and motors such as Yaskawa or Mitsubishi but this would be an  expensive option as you may also have to start with new motor plates and all the cables for the new motors would have to be bought and fitted on the machine.


Galil / Re: Kitamura T-12 with Galil DMC-1840 and Contec I/O Setup
« on: November 05, 2013, 04:06:29 AM »

I found it under discontinued products..

It's the ETACH2 www.usdigital.com

I'm sure another company will make something similar...


Galil / Re: Kitamura T-12 with Galil DMC-1840 and Contec I/O Setup
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:47:59 AM »
Hi Jack sorry my typo! It"s actually us digital ..just been on there sight and I can't find the converters  now but I'm sure if you contacted them they would find the product for you.


Galil / Re: Kitamura T-12 with Galil DMC-1840 and Contec I/O Setup
« on: November 03, 2013, 05:28:16 AM »
Hi I know that western digital do some neat pluggable frequency to velocity converters that might work better. On the Heidenhain system I have the encoder voltage has to be smack on or the control will alarm out..not sure with the galil card but keeping to a true 5v is always best.


The X8 socket and cable is the analogue command to the drives on the 355...connect that to modern drives add a single phase supply for the new drives and couple the encoders to the ball screws  away you go! Fairly straight forward that's why I like the Heidenhain's..for doing retrofits they are a breeze :)


I have a Tnc 355 on my Beaver Partsmaster, full conversational programming at the control, pockets,drilling,contours etc or I can drip feed G code with no limit on file size  :)


Yep lol, I like the Heidenhain as they are very methodical about how they put the controls together, they are all backward compatible etc and all the info on PLC progamming and parameter settings are all easy to download off their sight. Plus all their test equipment is easy to use..they have a device that plugs into the encoder ports and led's go red or green depending if it's ok or not..real easy..same with the encoders..they just plug into the test unit and a quick turn of the shaft gives a trace on the screen and everything is checked by the unit. Encoders can be swapped for linear scales with only a few parameter changes..same plugs and wiring for both usually.

The PLC is burned on to  eraseable EEPROMS and can be loaded to ram from the EEPROMs for safe keeping on a pc or visa versa a PLC program can be Rs232'd to the control and then sent to the EEPROMS. On the 355 PLC progs can be written or edited at the pendant and and test run by the control to check for errors before saving.

I think the 355 will do upto 9999 tools and will work on twin tool changers and there was a full 5 axis plus spindle version available.

At least you can power up the old Heidenhain on the bench if ever you want to learn more about it..as long as you have the old encoders plugged in it shouldn't alarm out  :)


Well yes with two of these on Mach 3 you can swap programmes be tween each machine.
If its not homing it will be a sticky limit switch  probably on  the z  ...that's my guess anyway  :)
There is only 350 or so parameters on the tnc 355 and half of them are not used..you can run a modern drive in speed mode so it uses the encoder as a tacho, then use the old encoders that go directly back to the Heidenhain for position reference and have the drives set for the analogue command +/- 0 -10v from the Heidenhain.  If the encoders are coupled directly to the ball screws its much better for accuracy..the tnc 355 with modern drives will work better and be more solid than any Mach 3 set up but I'm an Heidenhain fan..each to their own  :)
Look forward to the build hope it works well!


Was the Heidenhain broken...just thinking it would have been easier to keep it and run single phase servos with it..I have a heidenhain far better than Mach 3 it's a very stable industrial controller and all the info on writing the plc programms is free on the Heidenhain downloads sight!! Plus it would have had the backlash comp and pitch error already set for the machine..
Good thing about the Heidenhain as well is you can upgrade to the latest control or anything in between and the plc automatically updates itself with the newer reserved words and commands when the control is powered up.. If it's a TNC355 it will  be using 11 micro amp sinusoidal encoders as the 355 has 4 sinusoidal encoder inputs and one square wave for the spindle axis.


Galil / Re: Kitamura T-12 with Galil DMC-1840 and Contec I/O Setup
« on: October 30, 2013, 04:25:06 AM »
Just a note on these type of Fanuc drives. In the original Fanuc set up the encoder goes back to the mother board from the motor, the motor would be without a tacho..a circuit on the  Fanuc board then uses the signal for position checking and also converts the signal using a velocity to frequency converter to create a tacho signal which it uses to regulate the motor speed by varying analogue signal to the drive. The frequency to velocity converters that Kitamura has are taking the place of the Fanuc circuits on the motherboard.

The converter is sending a tacho feed to the drive as these drives can be configured to run in speed mode from a tacho on a motor...and an encoder signal back to the galil.


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