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General Mach Discussion / need to update mach3 i got some questions
« on: September 16, 2011, 06:36:07 AM »
 well question #1 is when i update if i install it over the existing version will i loose my licence file.

The reason for the update is due to this  version i have is very quirky.......probes  crash   you have to press the normal condition button 5 times a run.  The tool numbers never worked right when  you  call a tool change
you have to manualy change it in the dro and hit enter. I have lived with it for years now lol. I recently downloaded a new version and tool numbers change when they are supose to and what not lol. I just wanted to make sure when i install it over the top of my working one in my shop im not stuck with a demo after all is said  and done.   thanks for your help

General Mach Discussion / spindel wont turn on under mach
« on: September 14, 2011, 01:55:31 AM »
Here is my problem im sure it is a simple fix.

When i run in the milling screenset my spindel come on fine  and chages speed like i want. I would like to  switch to the lathe screen set from time to time to turn some washers or what not useing the mill. well when i run the  lathe screenset everything works just fine except the spindel wont turn on. I have looked at all the ports and pins they are all setup the same as the milling screen   any ideas on what it  could be any help would be great thank you

General Mach Discussion / home switches gone crazy
« on: March 03, 2009, 04:10:28 AM »
well I found a pretty wild problem and im not to sure why it happens but , I thought i would share so no one  had to go thru what i just did .  Well it all started out inocent enough I just wanted to neaten up my wire issues a bit,, so off to home depot i went to get some split wire loom.   I then  got back to the house and began what i thought was a very impressive looking  wire loom job all the wires tucked in there respective spots and not a single wire to trip over any more. So  I fire up my router to do a day of cutting and hit the home reference all button. and  not a one axis hits a switch  to home  ???..It just moves .100 or so and homes right there after about 10 hours of reading every  post about limit switches and swaping out cards  without any success.

I did the only thing left to do take all the wires back out of the wire looms to look for broken wires. I knew there where no broken wires because my home switches worked one the diagnostics page they lite up and worked fine the axises just would not go to them without homeing where they where first.  So after all the wires where out i just decided to try to home it again and in total amazment the router homed fine like it was supose to ??? So now im like huh to make a long story short when the motor wires are to close to the limit switch wires  you will get some kind of interference

Is there a special wire i should use right now im just useing  4 conductor telephone wire just on the limit switches I thought it was sheilded but maybee im wrong  any help would be greatfull   thanks

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