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so how can i write the code to enable this pin(LPT pin) before driving STEP pin of L297 and disable the LPT pin after finishing driving STEP pin

I'm a beginner in vb and i need some help


L297 has 3 pins as input. STEP ,DIR and ENABLE.
How can i use VB to control this pin of L297 (ENABLE pin)

I mean use VB to control LPT pins for enabeling or disabeling the L297 ENABLE pin

please read first post in thread    
its problem.
no noise

when there no clock signal,and motor's some winding have current
i mean when no signal(no step) but enable pin is active.

thx for reply

i recent use L297+IRFZ44N(N-MOS) to made a driver for stepper motor,that will work for CNC

but i found at holding mode(i mean when there no clock signal,and motor's some winding have

current,some not, like B & C is on, and A & B is off)
the Z44 Mos is very hot(estimate at 100 C degree),though i already have heat sink on it.

so i hope i can use enable founction for mach2 ,like Kcam4 have 3 enable for X,Y,Z each,to

reduce the heat,

but at mach2 setup,it have 3 enable, and in the manual it's said usually only use one enable

for 3 axis,
the question is ,does the 3 enable that can configured at output signals is mapping to

X,Y,Z axis (if it's mapping like Kcam4,where to configure?)
or the 3 enable is only same founction as 1 enable?

also,i not clear know the heat is normal or abnormal, i can change another Mos, higher Pd

power,but i am afraid the heat may damage the MOS(will cause electric accident! or the heat

will damage the stepper motor.
it's safe or not ,i don't know!

ok ,and the Chinese Tradition New Year is coming ,may you "Kong Hei Fa Choi"
it's cantonese ,mean "hope you got big money"


no body help me ?

There is no any solution for this problem?

General Mach Discussion / change value STEP PIN#
« on: December 19, 2008, 08:48:27 AM »
in "port configuration"   i have changed "STEP PIN" of "X axis" +apply .
but it return to other value.
what problem?

General Mach Discussion / Re: l297/l298 with mach3
« on: December 19, 2008, 06:27:25 AM »
this problem was occured previously.but no one explained HOW solved it .
plz help me solve it.

General Mach Discussion / l297/l298 with mach3
« on: December 18, 2008, 06:22:23 AM »
the board are my build using L297/L298 and have input for STEP/DIR/ENABLE .
the step motor operation is:when a signal occur on step motor pin,enable pin should be activated
to make motor to start and when the signal is lost,enable pin should be low.

i've got no problem for STEP pins adjusment,and either for DIR  pin,but for ENABLE  pin,it is always high or low and i can not control it when needed.
when i set ENABLE pin to "1" the step motor works with mach3, but when there is no signal at STEP signal pin,the step motor is still active and it sounds like buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
how can i use L297/L298 to drive stepper,they have enable pin and i can not control this pin with my software.

best regard

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