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It is a Serial Spindle Card that is used to control the VFD motor control.  It allows Mach 3 to feed the S-word to the control when the G-code is controlling or you can enter speed into the DRO as well and it will operate at the entered speed.

I ended up setting the output #5 to use port 3 (just a guess that port 3 is serial port #1) and pin #1 (again just a guess based on old output #6 settings).  Then I set the spindle settings to CW output #5 (from output #6)  and CCW output was left at output #2.  This cured the conflict with the MPG as it was left to use the output #6 on port #2 and pin 1 for it's enable function.  The best advise I can give is to get into the diagnostic page to see what is doing what then start asking questions.  Spent quite a bit of down time on my machine to get something straight forward at this working.  The documentation needs to be more detailed so the installer can understand how it works, or it just becomes a guessing game.


I just added a second parrallel port to operate a MPG.  Finally got it working but now when I press the enable button to activate JOG, the spindle button flashes and the spindle goes to the speed in the DRO.  The MPG is set up on port #2 and the serial is Com 1.  There must be settings in Mach, or will I have to rewire the MPG to another output.  Any Ideas.

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