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Thank all of you for your help. I’ve found a way that will work for the time being. With the help from “Mach specific Subroutines / Functions grouped by purpose” from MachCustomizeWiki I used the following:

“Sub SetTriggerMacro (MacroNo as Integer)
Defines the number of a macro to be executed when an OEMTrigger is set (slightly unexpectedly on the Config>Set System Hotkeys dialog) to generate OEM code 301. This provides script execution without the requirement for a screen button as intermediary.
For example if SetTriggerMacro 456 has been executed then a signal on any OEMTrigger configured to 301 will run the code in the file M456.M1S when activated.”
I wrote a script with VB Script Editor and saved it as Msetup.m1s. When I first start Mach3 I run the script from VB Script Editor. The script reads “ SetTriggerMacro 35”. M35 is my test routine. As mentioned before I’ve set up an OMETrigger #1 with code 301. When I hit the switch associated with OEM Triggger # 1 the M35 code executes. It all needs some tweaking but I’m  on the right tract.

One problem I see with this is that I can only run one script with code 301. If I wanted to run another from a different Trigger I’d have to run a different “SetTriggerMacro” before hitting the new switch because they are all called from code 301. I wonder if there is such a thing as 301-2, 301-3 etc. Or maybe there is “SetTriggerMacro#1,M---”,  “SetTriggerMacro#2,M---”,  Something to think about.


From OEM Button Codes in MachCustomizeWiki--- "Code for OEMTriggers runs the macro in SetTriggerMacro 301"

And from "Communications Routes" in MachCustomizeWiki

VB Script programs
A VB Script program can be used in three ways:

By being "attached" to a screen button and so be run when the button is clicked or its hotkey is pressed
By being put in a macro and called from within a part program, the MDI line of the G-code attached to a button. The last of these methods being suitable if the program is too big to attach directly to the button or is required to be used as a macro from a part program as well as a button.
By being a macro attached to an OEM input trigger by OEM code 301.


I've tried that but the code has to be an integer. I'm finding other refferances to "SetTriggerMacro". I'll keep looking. Thanks hood.

Thanks Bertt,
I’ve done exactly what you suggested but here is where I’m having the trouble. Your quote- “assign it the OEM code.” I’ve assigned OEM code 301 to trigger # 1. I’ve writhen a simple VB script for test. It moves the Z down .2 units and then back up .2 units. It is labeled M35.m1s. How do I link M35.m1s to OEM code 301?


I’d like to have a button (switch) attached to an I-PA C keyboard emulator initiate an OEM trigger to call a macro. How do I use the OEM code 301 to call the macro? Any help or an example would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tony

General Mach Discussion / Re: Jog while in feed hold?
« on: January 24, 2009, 02:48:58 PM »
Thanks Hood,
Hitting the stop after the feed hold did let me jog off positions but when I hit Cycle Start the tool goes to the end of the line I was on. By hitting the Remember button in the tool information window and then moving away and then hitting the Return button in the same window it returned to where it stopped. By entering the coordinates in the pop up window from the line before it starts at the beginning of the line where the tool broke or lost plasma arc. This has been great help to me. Thank you. Tony

General Mach Discussion / Jog while in feed hold?
« on: January 24, 2009, 01:11:03 PM »
In the users guide for Mach3Mill (Mach3Mill_1.84.pdf) it states I should be able to, after a feed hold command in a running program, jog to a position to change a broken tool etc. and when Cycle Start is hit the machine should return to the stopped position and restart. My software will not allow these moves. I get a Message “Note: Cycle pause in effect. No Jogging or reverse!!” Do I have something set up wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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