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Please advise the servomotors, which can good work with the Mach, and have step and dir pins.


Thank you Joe!
Its too simple or difficult way. I think will good if Mach designers insert this possibility (I mean redefinitions of G-code) to Mach4 or 5 etc.
As solution, I think maybe add to the button "load Gcode" VB script, for to find g27, and change it to M3 code.   

Hi guys!
I have, (for plasmacut) for generating G-code some program "Techtran"! This program can make G-code for many NC, but not for Mach!
For example:
G25 - turn off torch
G27 - examination THC and turn on the torch.
For Mach3 its Unknown G-codes.

I know how to modify treatment of M3 or M5. But I dont know how to create own treatment of G-code and the more so to create treatment of new G-code.
Explain please if anybody know!

General Mach Discussion / Re: torch turns on before g01 down move no dwell
« on: November 09, 2008, 03:29:11 PM »
I have no VB code right hire, but algorithm hire!

when M3:
move Z down while is not active "Probe" or "THC Up"
Just it will activated G91 Z2.5(I use mm).

In the M5.m1s
additional Z up to SafeZ

As I remember - thats all!


General Mach Discussion / Re: torch turns on before g01 down move no dwell
« on: November 08, 2008, 10:51:06 AM »
I'm not sure, that I have an answer to your question, but I had a problem like you!
We was  made plasmacut machine and we modified file m3.m1s .
I hope when you'll open this file, I hope you'll understand that to do!


Thanks Hood!

I think exist other way! To use servomotors! Maybe anybody know lowcost servomotors and servodrivers which can Mach use?

Ok! Lets continue theme if nobody against?
Maybe anybody know how to resolve this problem?
I have an idea:
For example take Atmega16. Steps and dirs impulses for both motors send through Atmega and feedback from encoders too.
Start timers and counters and compare impulses in an interval between a start and completion of timer.
If a difference appears between impulses from first and from second encoders, Mach must stop motors. Or to put on the brakes the first motor, while the amount of impulses will not be evened.

What do you think about it? 

Thanks guys!
Second motor started, after reinstall Windows. But at the A DRO it does not show!
Its so sorry, that Mach cant to correct motor position by encoder.
What do you think - if use the Brain, for this? For example something like this:
EncoderX+-0.01mm<>XDRO ->Terminate E-Stop. I'm not sure that possible to do that without VB, but...
What do you think?

Hello! My name is Inna.
I leave in Ukraine, work on the RecRobots company as engineer of CNC.
We are produce a cnc machines plasmacut, mill etc.

Hello everybody!
Please help to new user. I was searched an analogical theme, but did not find it. Give me please link, if this theme understood already.

Problem: I have tow motors on one ax. I try to use X ax stepper motor as master and A ax stepper as slave for synchronous mowing. Both motors have encoders(but not connected yet).
I was turn on A as slave, turn on "Formulas", where f(a)=X or f(a)=x*(-1) and in the "General config"->"Home slave with master axis". And nothing changed - A ax don't move, when I press arrow keys, or MDI.
Both axis move just when I press "GOTO Z".
Who know what I do wrong - please help.

And one more. Does anybody know how to turn on motor correction by encoder. I was connected encoders and in the settings screen I see that its work, but it have no affect to motors. Explain please, how it must to work.

Thanks. Inna. 

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