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Hi, Mike

Well, Your dxf took-for-ever to load, Reilly seemed to hang on Dup-Item's, Loaded in BobCad and saved it, seemed to load better.

I got the same size as Bill did, The put a box around it is a good Idea, I'd use 5.5 x 10.0 though, To see a comparison rite on the edges of the art work.

Post It.

Thanks Chip

Edit: Post the dxf with border

Hi, Bruno

In Config, General Configuration, Is it in Exact Stop mode.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Larry

LazyCam uses "units", Are you sure it's not 2.0000 rather than 2,0000.0000, LC  displays down to 1 ten-thousand of a unit, .0001 unit.

If this isn't it, Post your dxf, I've used Corel just a little, Seem to rember some scalling issue with it's dxf's.

If you want neg - in your cut you need to put a - in your values.

Hope this Helps, Chip

Hi, Pcbmiller

If you use the As Drawn check box in Setup, Loading Options , It should maintain the Origin.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: phantom limit switch
« on: March 12, 2008, 02:47:54 PM »
Hi, Spiwrx

Doing  a little research hear on De-bounce, 1000 is 40ms. 10000 is 400ms. The time is the amount a switch has to be on to

be consider "on", Per Art, In lot's of posts set it to 2000-3000.

I would think that the 2000 isn't to bad, If you think the Y axis is causing the problem.

Install a jumper on one of the switches, Reduce the de-bounce and test, Then test the other switch.

The comment on,  pull up or Pull down resistor's there used on some TTL encoders to keep them from floating between Hi or Lo state

Thanks, Chip

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: LazyCam Pro question
« on: March 12, 2008, 01:24:06 PM »
Hi, Saumur

Your lines probillyhave a small gap, Try setting the Setup, Load Options, Connection Line Tol. to .01, then re-load your file.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: New Guy...Need Help
« on: March 12, 2008, 12:47:30 PM »
Hi, Emtffkev

What version of mach3 and LazyCam are you using Click on Help About to see Version for both.

It works fine hear, I'm using Mac3hR3.037 and LazyCam ver. 3.00.2 hear.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: New Guy...Need Help
« on: March 12, 2008, 11:56:13 AM »
Hi, Emtffkev

Post one of your DXF's hear, Use the "REPLY" Button then Attachment Options, "Browse" to Your file, Double click on it and Post.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: Will Mach Output Quadrature ?
« on: March 12, 2008, 02:51:59 AM »
Hi, Russell

Just maybe one of the "Max NC Wave Drive" may use rollover 2 pin output's , it would do your a,b - a,b then b,a - b,a the other way.

Check it out, I think you don't have a choice of pin number selection though.

Mite do It, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: New Guy...Need Help
« on: March 12, 2008, 02:24:28 AM »
Hi, Emtffkev

 Edit: Just saw your last post, Try to use DXF ver. 12 export, your farther along than you stated I See., Chip

Just something real short.

If you don't have Mach3 Installed now, Install it The install will ask Where it should be, C:\Mach3     

Draw a square in auto-cad  in the Standard X-Y plane 2D,  2 x 2 inch's.

Save the File, Use, Save As, Select DXF, Name it  " Test1 "  save to  C:\mach3\Gcode  Folder,   then ACAD Ver 12, If asked.

Start up Mach3, Use the Mach3Mill Icon on your desk top.

After Mach3 opens Click on RESET Button, Bottom RT, Then, Top left of mach3 screen, Cilck on Files, then Clock on LazyCam name.

LazyCam Will Open, In the top left corner of LCam Find the "Open DXF" , In File OPEN Window find Mach3 folder Dbl Click on it.

Then find the GCode folder, Then Dbl Click on it, and you should see your Test1.DXF file.

May need to change "Files of Type"  to All though at the bottom of this window.

Click on the file and then Open button, You should see the Square, on the RT side of LCam, Click on "Clean" then "Optimize" Buttons.

Then The Post Code Button top RT.

Minimize LCam and Mach3 should show your Square. There won't be a correct Depth of cut because we dident set it up in LCam while we were there.

Just a Start "quick start", Hope I didn't louse you any where along the way. Getting late hear !!!

Have Fun See'ya Tomorrow, Time Permitting.

Hope this Helps, Chip