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LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: May 17, 2009, 09:00:08 PM »
Hi, Shegan

Just down loaded both files, Link seems fine hear.


Hi, Timmy

Hears a G Code file I use to set Mach back to a standard configuration, I usually use it as an m1s file.

; Start UP Re-Set Mach3 G Code

;' ( M1111.M1S Macro )
;' ( Needs to be installed in C:\Mach3\Macros\"Profile" You Are Using Folder)
;' ( Basic Default Location would be "Mach3Mill")
;' ( Change it as you need to )
;' ( For MM Units Replace G20 with G21 )
;' ( For CV Mode Replace G61 with G64 )

G15 ;Code "G15" '            Cancle X,Y Polar Mode
G17 ;Code "G17" '            Set X,Y Plane
G20 ;Code "G20" '            Set INCH Units Mode, G21 for MM
G40 ;Code "G40" '            Cancle Cutter Radius Comp. 
G49 ;Code "G49" '            Cancle Tool Length Offset
G50 ;Code "G50" '            Re-Set All Scale Factors To 1.0
G61 ;Code "G61" '            Set Exact Stop Mode
G69 ;Code "G69" '            Cancel G68 Rotate Coordinate System
G80 ;Code "G80" '            Cancle Canned Cycle Mode
G90 ;Code "G90" '            Set ABS Mode
G91.1 ;Code "G91.1" '          Set IJ's INC Mode
G94 ;Code "G94" '            Set Feed Per Minute Mode

G92.1 ;Code "G92.1" '          Set G92 5211-5216 to Zero

G52 x0 y0 z0 ;Code "G52 x0 y0 z0" '   Re-Set Temp Offset Mode

F100 ;Code "F100" '           Set Default F Speed To 10

M30 ;Code "M30" '            Program End and Rewind G-Code

Load it and run it, Then load your problem code and see if it run's.

Hope this Helps, Chip

Hi, David

Did you get it working.


Hi, All

In the Pic below, Mach3 ver .043 the probing looks like this, .5 by .5 by .250 spacing.


General Mach Discussion / Probing with Ver. 2.00.046 Plugin Issues
« on: May 14, 2009, 05:22:43 PM »
Hi, All

Just fired up my Probe for a little testing.

With Mach3 ver .027 get this error Pic 1

With Mach3 ver .043 get this error Pic 2, It try's to run but fail's to complete the probing without a fight, It generates code, But it appears to not complete the final Z up and return to start point.

Any Idea's, I've tried it on 2 computers hear.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Radioactive

Hard to say, What are you using to generate the G Code file.?


Hi, Radioactive

If your not setting the "cut depth" to a neg. value (-#.####) In your G Code this will/can happen.


Hi, David

I finally got the MAXNC 15 to test with, It work's just fine Hear.

Hears the XML file I used, Give it a try, It's setup in INCH Mode.

I didn't spend allot of time verifying that the steps per values or velocity/acceleration are set/optimized eather.

If this doesn't work on the same computer as max-nc software works on then It's got to be a Window's / Printer Port Issue.

Using ver.027,  Lic or Un-Lic ver of Mach work hear.


General Mach Discussion / Re: axis direction
« on: May 12, 2009, 03:51:28 PM »
Hi, Kurt

You should use Config, Homing & Limits screen "Reversed" Column), Using Motor Output's can cause Issues with some Axis Control Board's.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Problems threading on the lathe
« on: May 11, 2009, 04:48:33 PM »
Hi, Art

Once I reduced the slot count down below 90 slot's threading works fine, one computer is fine, it's the second one with low min value .

I have a 100 slot disk to test with, Need to get the second OPTO working and adjusted for it though.

Thanks, Chip