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General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach 3 with Xylotex Control
« on: January 27, 2007, 03:32:39 PM »
Hi, Scott

In config, Ports & Pins, Motor Outputs, change the State of Dir LowActive and Step Low Active from X to Check or Check to X, change by

clicking on them.

Also make sure the Step & Dir Ports are set to 1.

Don't forget to click on Apply

Hope this helps, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: Hypertherm remote start with hand torch?
« on: January 27, 2007, 03:06:24 PM »
Hi, Dave

Unplug the power to the plasma cutter.

If you trace the trigger switch wires back to the Box you should find where there connected to a control relay/board, remote them as above.

You could remote the wires from the torch, take it apart, find the wires, if you don't want to go into the box.

Do you have wiring diag's, I cant find access to them on the web.

You could connect a solenoid or air actuator to pull in the trigger switch at the torch.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: Hypertherm remote start with hand torch?
« on: January 26, 2007, 10:49:05 PM »
Hi, Drad

The simplest way. find the two wires in your torch head that turn on the torch, remote them from the box to a relay NO contacts on your IO Board.

Use the Output 2 for Spindle (M3),  Enable Output 2 and assign a Pin #, port#, Active low to check mark or X depending on board wiring, in

config, ports & pins, Outputs.

One of many ways.

Hope this Helps, Chip

Hi, Darek

Thanks for the input I'll have a look at this although I was trying not to use fixture Offsets.

I was trying to use the G52, G92 G-code, I now it worked in earlier versions, made some rows/col-ums drill routines .

Your correct the Screen Toggled through Works Fine It's the Move Routines that have Problems.

Also tried to import G-code with "G98 (test.txt)" it doesn't work ea-there.

I'm sure there on a list.

Thanks, Chip


LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Lead-in Question
« on: January 25, 2007, 10:13:34 PM »
Hi, Rkd

Click on the line you want the lead-in on, some-where on that line you'll see a Dot, Double click on it, Lead-in Con-fig. window will open up.

Check Lead-in ON, select options you'll need to work on it a bit, to figure out all the options.

Hope this Helps, Chip

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Lazycam running in ''background''
« on: January 25, 2007, 09:58:36 PM »
Hi, Rik

Goto Windows Start bottom left bottom corner of your Screen, click on it, Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, Troubleshoot,

Hardware Acceleration, Set it to None or second dot.

Mine is set to Second dot and I unchecked the Enable write combining also, not sure about the write combining been-a-while since I look at


Dont forget the Apply button then OK.

Hope this Helps, Chip


Hi, JB

In Ports & Pins, Motor Outputs, Have you tryed setting the Dir Low Active to a check inst-ed of X or opposite state.

Some stepper controls are sensitive to leading / trailing edge state.

If you need to change the direction after you get it working, You can change it in Home & Limits, Reversed Box.

Hope this Helps, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: backlash program will not run
« on: January 25, 2007, 08:42:21 PM »
Hi, John

Your original XML, Runs fine in New Mach3 2,040 also.

Thanks, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: backlash program will not run
« on: January 25, 2007, 03:15:14 PM »
Hi, John

Ran your XML, It errors for me like it dose for you.

I think I pined it down to Your Output 1 was set to Port 2 pin 1, I changed it to Port 1 Pin 1, put it back in Exact stop and enabled


The only other item i changed was your X and Y Home pins sharing pin 12 reset X to pin 11.

You need to reload your View screen also.

It works fine hear now, Try the Att. XML.

Hope this get'ssss It, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: backlash program will not run
« on: January 24, 2007, 01:57:04 AM »
Hi, John

I worked on this for some time, probably something in the your XML, the best is to copy down all your settings.

At screen Profile Create New Profile, check Default Profile Values, New Name enter your values in it.

With a different XML with backlash I could not get it to stop working.

Give it a try, Chip