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General Mach Discussion / Re: upside down help
« on: February 06, 2008, 04:08:11 PM »
Hi, Andrew

Good News, OK, Fess-UP, We've all been there, We'll only Smile a little !!.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Rich

I have a web-cam  that won't work also.

Maybe some one will let us both now what the problem could be.

Not Alone, Chip

General Mach Discussion / Re: Very Much Softwear Ill leart
« on: February 06, 2008, 03:45:20 PM »
Hi, Satbeam

If you installed Mach in the standard Location, You need to copy/put the new.XML file in C:\Mach3 folder.

Then start Mach3 and select your new xml file in Session Profile window, Current Profile list, Click on it and then OK.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Chris

Glad you got it working.

Just make sure the input is not more than 5 volts to the port.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Chris

In the brake-out board manual thy talk about npn & pnp sensors.

NPN Inductive Proximity Sensor

NOTE: The break-out board was designed to use either NPN inductive proximity sensors.

A PNP inductive proximity sensor can be made to work by placing a 1K resistor across the signal and ground screw terminals.

Might try this, Chip

RC, I agree with your comment above

Hi, Chris

Looks like there describing hooking up an A B encoder, What was the Question you ask them.


Hi, Maxy

Have you used the TAB key jog window, First  Feedhold, TAB key, jog Z up to look at part, Then Cycle Start and OK to the Preparation Positioning window.

Then Cycle Start again to finish cut.

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Hood

I think your correct, The pull-up resistor is internal on this one.

Never had this mush trouble hooking up an opto switch.

Have always hooked them up direct to the port.


Hi, Chris

Yes the actual Part # is needed, As far as the pull-up resistor I was off on that value a bit, With the data sheet a !0K ohm's if it's a OPB917BZ or


While the switch only needs a short/narrow window to change state/on-off, Mach needs more time to see the state of change, Your slot width is fine.

The Index Deb-ounce is there mostly for mechanical switches, Thy tend to bounce a little and gives Mach time to see a steady/Relible state on the Input pin

Hi or Low.

Yes, White & Blue

Thanks, Chip

Hi, Chris

Not sure what your Index De-bounce is set to, At this point it's time to Review/Get a fresh start,

In Config, General Configuration Page, Set the De-bounce interval and Index De-bounce to 1000 - 2000.

The 220 ohm resistor for the opto led may be to low (typically 220-330 ohm used for 5 volt setup) 500 ohm for 12 volt setup as Hood stated, Don't want to

burn out the light emitting diode

What opto device did you finally use hear, Jot a link to it ?

Have you shielded the opto from external light sources ?

Got a Big Hammer ?, Chip