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One more question.  How does Mach3 call a macro?  It seems it would be fairly simple to edit the macro for G83 (M1083.m1s) into a G83 macro if you knew how to call it from Mach3.

I misspoke there.  I meant to say you could edit it to make it into a G85 macro.
As it turns out, Mach3Turn does make a G85 call, there just isn't a macro there to catch it. 
I made a copy of M1083.m1s and renamed it M1085.m1s.
I then tried to edit out the requirement for the 'Q' word to no avail. That requirement seems to come from without the macro and that was what was wrong with my original g-code.  The 'Q' word is always required.
It was easy to to edit my post processor to create this: N190 G85  X0 Z-0.132 Q0.0 F0.005
That line of code gives the result you would expect. Notice the 'P' word was also taken out, it's not supported.

On a side note, the G83 macro states that it will also do a G83.1 if you add a 'C1' parameter.  I haven't yet tried to confirm this.

One more question.  How does Mach3 call a macro?  It seems it would be fairly simple to edit the macro for G83 (M1083.m1s) into a G83 macro if you knew how to call it from Mach3.

OK, after a bit more research I have found that Mach3Turn will only support G83.  G83.1 works by calling G83 and putting in a C1 parameter.
To make G83 work like G85, (my original problem), set Q equal to your depth of cut.
So my original code becomes:

N160 G0 Z0.04
N170 X0.24
N180 X0.
N190 G83  X0 Z-0.132 R0.Q0.132 F0.01
N200 G80
N210 G0 Z0.04

Wait a minute, these guys got drilling cycles to work:

So what's the secret to their success?

So, just to be clear. G73, G83, and G85 all do not work in any release of Mach3?

Wow, that is a huge setback.

I recently put together a lathe so I'm completely new to it.
I set it up to do a simple reaming job.  I assumed it would work pretty much like a mill.
For some reason, the code just doesn't work.
It moves to Z.05 then X.24 then X0 Z.04 just fine.
When it tries to execute the G85, it moves to X0, dwells, then finishes the program.
It never reams the Z-.132.
Can someone tell me what's going on?

N10 %
N20 G18  G20  G40  G61  G90  G95
N30 G50  S3400
N40 O100 (REAM)
N50 (CREATED  03/07/2019 17:01:06)
N60  (#17 - T17 REAMER D 0.12INCH )
N80 (T17 REAMER D 0.12INCH)
N90 G95  G18  G50
N100 (T17 REAMER D 0.12INCH)
N110 G0 T1717
N120 G97 M3 S850
N130 M7
N160 G0 Z0.05
N170 X0.24
N180 X0. Z0.04
N190 G85  X0 Z-0.132 R0.P500 F0.005
N200 G80
N210 G0 Z0.05
N220 X0.24
N230 G53 Z0.
N240 G53 X0.
N250 M9
N260 M5
N270 M30
N280 %

General Mach Discussion / Re: G540 Won't Go
« on: September 01, 2018, 02:07:37 PM »
Hi Craig,

To tell the truth, I'm rather ambivalent about the charge pump myself.

What really bothers me is that it doesn't work. It makes me wonder if there might be other things that may not work as I go forward.
Right now, the only things connected are the steppers and the parallel cable.  Movement is very smooth and I haven't done any tuning yet.

I think my Mach setup is right so that leaves something wrong with the G540 or the cable.
I have checked the cable for continuity.  Wish I had a spare.

I'm thinking at this point I may just send it in to Gecko and have them do a quick check on it.


General Mach Discussion / Re: G540 Won't Go
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:10:27 PM »
Quick update.
On the 'known good' computer, I disabled the charge pump and get movement.  I still can't get the computer to put the g540 in the green with the charge pump on.
On the unknown computer, I get neither charge pump or movement.

General Mach Discussion / G540 Won't Go
« on: August 30, 2018, 06:07:15 PM »
I have a Gecko G540 that is a few years old but has never been used. I'm working on getting a little lathe put together.
It passed all it's preliminary testing in that it powers up and gives me a green light with the charge pump off.
I checked the parallel cable to make sure it had continuity and was straight through.  I also set the parallel port to EPP .
I set up Mach3 the way I thought it should be but I can't get a green light with the parallel cable connected to the computer.
The computer it's being attached to has never been proven so I attached it to the computer on my little mill.
Same thing.  It just sits there taunting me with its red light.
Seems to me that either the G540 has a problem or I'm missing some essential setting.  More than likely, it's the latter.

Suggestions on what I'm missing?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Issue with new computer.
« on: June 14, 2018, 01:02:38 AM »
Thanks Gerry, I'll give those updates the boot tomorrow.
I'm starting to think that XP is sounding better all the time though.

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