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OK, so I'm a relative veteran of Mach3. About 11 years I think. But I'm also very focused on the products I make and have only learned enough to cope with a limited number of parameters. For anything else, well if I have to adjust something out of my payscale I creep in and flick the switch and then try and get out without bumping anything off the shelves.Now I am having a few issues with what should be straightforward things and I can't get my head around them.

Background; a year ago my computer died and a modern replacement turned out to not only not have a parallel port but not even be able to run one if you installed it. So I bought a Smoothstepper which was inserted into my controller by a relatively (700 miles) local genius type person. I then discovered I need to be running a much more recent version of Mach3 to run the Smoothstepper and ever since I have been a teeny bit lost.

I find when I read this board it pretty much all goes over my head. No-one seems to have tiny issues like mine.  

1) if I go into the Config/Safe Z and set a safe Z height, and then exit and Config/save settings then it works with that setting until I close the program. When I come back next day it has always reset itself to 381.
2) if I press spacebar, which used to operate as a panic button (what, me panic..?) the feed will stop but not for about 3 seconds, ie. right through the fixture/flange/ etc. It used to be about 1/2".
3) although I have the machine set to metric in setup it often starts in imperial. Forgetting to check this and reset it has caused me real pain.

Can anyone help with these small things?

Best Wishes


Hi everyone...

My work does not need the precision of four decimal places on the DROs and watching four places slows me down. Can anyone tell me how to change it to 2..?



General Mach Discussion / Jog setting issue...
« on: May 18, 2014, 09:53:56 PM »
Hi all, it is a while since I posted here. My Mach 3 was very stable for years, I felt like I was in control, yes, fatal flaw.

Recently my computer died and I found myself in what must be a familiar spiral. The new computer had no parallel port, bought one and fitted it, still didn't work, did research, OK, Win 7 doesn't do parallel, bought a smoothstepper, had to upgrade to new version of Mach 3, and then had various configuration issues because I really don't have control of Mach, I just tiptoe in and out of it trying not to knock anything off the shelves.

The most recent: I have always used jog in three modes, slow on the key alone, at about 2%, Shift + Key at full speed, and Control + Key for .1mm. In this latest Mach 3 version although I. Have configured the jog speeds on the flyout screen the control/key option does not work, and worse than that, if I try it the program locks up and nothing will work until I have cycled the reset button on and off.

Is this a result of changes in Mach 3 since the last version I used, (something like 1.84)? Or do I have a setting wrong somewhere..?



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