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General Mach Discussion / backlash comp under Mach2
« on: September 15, 2008, 07:41:10 AM »
I have an RF-45 conversion that I picked up recently with very little use. It was built by Bohica Trading in 2006 I believe, and uses Reliance Electric servos (with Gecko drivers) rather than steppers. I am working on creating a config that will work with Mach3, but as delivered, I had a working config (and license) for Mach2. It did not come with a PC so I built up one of the spares I have lying around with 2GHz proc and 1.5GB RAM, running XP Pro sp3. I just got the machine moving yesterday and, after solving an issue with referencing the axes, was doing some tests. 3 axis G0 moves, circular interpolation, the thing seems to run great. I discovered .0045 backlash in both x and y axes. I added .0045 backlash comp in the "backlash" config dialog box, then enabled backlash comp in the "state" config dialog, and the x axis started oscillating and did not stop until I disabled backlash and closed/opened Mach2. Anybody ever seen this before? Is this an issue using axes motors with feedback? Are there other tuning options I can change to make software backlash comp work for me?


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