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Hello everyone! ??? ??? ???

I just picked up a cnc plasma cutter that needs a new control, but I have one question about the THC. I am very familiar with wiring and can easily wire the rest of the machine.

The Torch Height Contol has a 24vdc motor for moving the z axis up and down, it is not a stepper motor. Can I use this with mach 3 for the THC? I am not sure how to set up the configurations either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Yes, it is possible (with your DC Motor) with Stand Alone control cards and Capacitive THC from www.cnc4pc.com

Dear Fernando,
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Hi Richy,
It is possible to use Capacitive Sensor as a THC for Oxy Fuel and Plasma cutting.
It has some advantage than voltage controlled THC. No need floating switch or other things for "where the plate is" just adjust the height. And other advantage is PWM output not ON/OFF control that for causing oscillation the torch. It allows smooth Z movement during cutting.

Sensor connection via port and required 2 inputs.
Config>Ports&Pins>Input Signal>enable Torch On\ Up\ Down
Also you need simple macro:

For M3 command
code "g31 z0"
sleep(100)             //for slowing down the routine
While IsMoving()   // This will allow to continuously follow the curve on cutting material
sleep(100)             //for slowing down the routine
Sleep (5000)      //wait for the z axis close to cutting plate and stop
(Also it is possible to use G28.1)
After that you can add to macro for zeroing the Z axes: G92Z0


Hi all,
Height control with Mach3
Please look:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rslIWcyfOo
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