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General Mach Discussion / Re: Boxford 160TCL
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:22:22 AM »
Turns out it has double interlocked guards with 2 microswitches on each guard. Whilst opening one of them I noticed no "click". I disconnected the microswitches and checked them and sure enough one of them is faulty. I reconnected the one which was ok and bypassed the other one and fired her up.
She worked a treat, manual operation only. I can jog it on the buttons, run the spindle both ways and rotate the turret.

Now I have to clean her up a bit as she has obviously been sat for a while as you can see in the pics. Under the mild surface rust the guide ways look like new, you can still see the hand scraping marks.

Turns out it is a 1990 machine going by the date on one of the boards.

Does anybody know what the pin configuration is for the 37pin serial connection?

Here are some pics showing the condition as received.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Boxford 160TCL
« on: April 10, 2008, 08:26:10 AM »
Well, She arrived this morning!

It would appear that the steppers are bipolar. I say that not because of any marking on them but because the driver board is using the "Easy-Power" GS-D200S bipolar driver!
Currently nothing works and I can't work out why. The light comes on and everything seems ok but nothing is working.
There is a "Power Reset" button. Should this light be on or off? currently it is on.

The inverter is a Lenze 534 E3. I am currently trying to work out how to test if it is working. I have checked all the fuses and all seems ok.

My current thinking is that the "Power Reset" light shouldn't be on but isn't resetting correctly.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Boxford 160TCL
« on: April 09, 2008, 05:04:52 PM »
Many thanks, all good info.

It feels like Christmas Eve here at the moment  ;D
I can't wait until it arrives, I have been told it was picked up today so should be here tomorrow.

I have no doubt I will be asking for information on how to wire up the E-Stop. I have been reading good things about the CNC4PC stuff and am on the waiting list for a SmoothStepper. When it arrives I will start the shopping list!

Thanks again

General Mach Discussion / Re: Boxford 160TCL
« on: April 09, 2008, 01:49:31 PM »

Thanks for the reply...

Out of interest what is wrong with the standard steppers? a Stepper is a Stepper isn't it? I understood they have 400 step/rev steppers as standard which I would imagine are better than 200 step/rev?

I hadn't heard of the Smoothstepper, it does look very promising!

How is the tool position monitor done? what do I need to look for when it arrives (hopefully tomorrow!)

Do I need to create my own emergency stop circuit or can I use an existing one from the machine? 
Is there anything I need to retain in the machine or is it simply best to replace it all?


General Mach Discussion / Boxford 160TCL
« on: April 08, 2008, 05:15:36 PM »

I have just purchased a Boxford 160TCL and will convert it to MACH3, I have had a read through numerous posts on here be people who have already converted either a 160 or 125TCL and was wondering if anybody has a wiring diagram or any documentation they could let me have?
The machine has an automatic turret and I understand that MACH3 can control that quite nicely although I have not found out how yet!

I will probably use Gecko drivers for this conversion as I have been caught out with low voltage driving of steppers on my milling machine.

Has anybody converted the switch panel to run using the ModIO ?

Also any things to watch out for or gotchas would be appreciated!


General Mach Discussion / Re: Odd Startup Behavior
« on: December 25, 2007, 03:51:03 PM »

I am in Basingstoke. UK.

Thanks for the part numbers, I will be off to Maplin just as soon as they open again!

Thanks again

Don't know if this helps at all...
I tend to hit the STOP button before trying to hoover out my machine just in case I hit the limit switches. That way it doesn't reset the system and I don't have to re-reference.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Odd Startup Behavior
« on: December 21, 2007, 09:59:38 AM »

That darlington array chip sounds alot easier than the circuit I used. Do you have a part number for it I could look up please?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Odd Startup Behavior
« on: December 16, 2007, 04:07:40 PM »
Don't get me wrong I think the StepMaster is a good card. But I agree the single cards are better. The 3axis one I have has the breakout built in which I think is where my problems start.
I too have built my own electronics for the spindle and coolant but am not totally happy with them which is why I am planning on going the charge pump route.

Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for the encouraging comments guys  :)

Here is a picture with an AA battery for scale.

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