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Hi xnaron,

I checked with Art about your Kernel Speed problem and he indicated that you need to retune the motors when you change kernel speed otherwise they will run slow.  Try retuning and let me know if it solves the problem or not.


A new update to the XBox360 Controller plugin is available (2.3.1).  It adds support for Soft Limits. Thanks to oodanner for pointing out that it was missing.  Now the moving axis will slow down as it approaches the Soft Limit.  It will do this whether or not the trigger is pressed while the axis is moving.


Hi oodanner,

You are correct. I designed it that way.  It has to be that way for a number of coding reasons.


Hi Zafar,

That is a very strange problem that I have never seen before.  The only other possibilities that I can think of are:

1. The pc has a different version of of the Microsoft SDK than Nov 2007 (see my instructions PDF)
2. The pc has a mechanical problem with the port or the cable.
3. The USB port has a problem - try another USB port (USB 2.0).

You said it works on another machine.  Have you tried it again?  It may have failed after you put it on the last pc. 

Other than that, I am stumped.


I will look at the safe limits question when I have time.  As for the 10% jog, I suspect that you have some settings different on that axis - settings such as motor tuning.  You could compare XML files to see what is different.


A new version of my plugin is availalbe (Ver. 2.3).  It adds support for some new ProductIDs and ties the the grey box on the Config Page to all of the currrently supported ProductIDs.  It also adds Custom Macro and Custom OEM functionality.  See the new version of the instructions for more details.



I think Art wrote the original plugin.  I could probably mod it for you.  I based my plugin, the XBox360 Controller on the Shuttle Pro plugin.  It would be a week or so before I can look at.  What kind of bribe did you have in mind?


Hi Ken,

Thank you for the kind words.  Sorry for not responding sooner,. I have been away from my computer.

Here is how you set up the jog for the Z axis:

Let us say that you have X and Y set up on the left thumbstick and Z set up on the right thumbstick (side to side  movement). Take 2 of the buttons and set 1 button to "Jog+ Right Stick SideToSide" option and another button to "Jog - Right Stick SideToSide". Then you will have it for the Z.  It is unfortunate that the XBox360 controller does not have more butttons. For your 2 buttons, you may want to choose the forward and back buttons.  It is your choice.


     Great job with the x-box 360 controller. I have a shuttle pro on my cnc router that cost me around $100. I picked up a used 360 controller for under $20.00 and it works GREAT. So far I have only been able to use the inc. step with the X and Y axis. I would like to use the step feature with the Z axis. How do I set that up?
     Again, thank you for a great contribution to the comunity



The latest version that allows for a wireless controller to go in and out of sleep mode without requiring a restart of Mach is now available on the Mach plugin page.


I know it's too soon for another update, but.....  Someone expressed some concern about the fact that the wireless controller goes to sleep and then you have to restart Mach.  So.....

I have placed a test version of the plugin in the Yahoo Group Files section under VS2005 - VS2008 Lee's files named XBox360Controller.zip.  Would you please test it for me.  It should take care of the problem of the timeout on the controller causing it to stop working in Mach.  Now, when the controller is sleeping, you just wake it back up and it starts working again in Mach.  It works fine for me.  After you have tested it, if you find no problems, I'll have it posted to the Plugins page.

The file is a zip. So, just unzip the DLL and copy it to the /Plugins folder in /Mach.


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