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Locking the XBox360 controller is easy.  Select one of the buttons and open the pulldown on the config screen and pick the "Lock/Unlock" option that you wish.  For example, pick "Lock/Unlock controller". Then the button will toggel between lock and unlock.


Hi Don,

You are welcome. What is the VendorId and ProductID?  They can be found in the Device Manager (control Panel - System).  Also make sure that you downloaded and installed the SDK mentioned on the Plugin page next to my plugin.


Drawing looks good.  Thanks for posting it.


Thanks for the offer.  PM sent.


PM your address and I'll give you mine in exchange for trying your best. No need for a fancy full-fledged driver and all the headache that comes with it. But you do need a little reverse engineering while hooked up to the XBOX. I don't have an XBOX.

To sq2cnc;

Thanks for the kind words.  I like your stand. Very nice.  You may want to post a drawing showing the bends, length and type of wire, etc.  I think other people would like one.  My reference to restarting Mach was:  if the controller quit working (broken) or became disconnected. In either case, you should exit Mach and fix the problem.


I have thought about the Chatpad.  I like the idea.  It would be a lot of work to write a driver and then write an interface in the plugin.  I could write an interface within the plugin so that the Chatpad would work only in Mach.  I do not have a Chatpad at this time so I'll look at this at some later time.


Hi Zafar

Thanks. I'll look at it soon.


Hi Zafar,

Sounds interesting.  Please upload them and let us know where you put them. I will take a look at it.


Thank you for the kind words.  I suggest Microsoft. That is what I use and it moves smoothly.  I have not tried any of the others so I cannot give you a valid comparison.  Perhaps someone who has tried the other controls will offer some input.


Thank you for the kind words.  The answer to your question is :
Yes it is possible. But that capability is not available in the current version.  I'll think about putting it a future version.  That does not mean that the values would be adjustable just viewable.  You should compare your controller with a friends XBox360 controller.   You may find that the XBox360 controller range and dead zone is more to your liking.  The XBox360 controller is set so that when it is pushed all the way, Mach is running at full speed (same as keyboard).  If you want to go slower, you can always set the "Slow Jog Rate" (usually on Mach's Diagnostics page) to somewhere around 50% (or whatever you like). Remember Trigger overrides Slow Jog.


The XBox360 controller thumbsticks are analog.  My plugin uses them as analog.

Note to all: New plugin has been posted.................

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