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A new version (2.1) of the XBox360 Controller plugin is now available on the Artsoft plugin page.  It includes support for the Smooth Stepper and also allows reverse direction on any axis.

Hopefully, you will find it useful,

Hi Dan,

I have placed a copy on the Yahoo Mach3 forum in the files section.  Look in VS2005 - VS2008 / Lee's Files.  You should see the zip file there.

I do not know of any way to disable the timeout. Sorry.


Hi Rich and Chaoticone,

First of all, I have made the changes to the plugin that will allow reversing the direction.  I would like a couple of volunteers to test it for a few days and let me know if there is any problem with it before I give it to Artsoft for posting. Please email me and I'll send you a copy.

Things that can cause your problem are:
1. using version 1 of the plugin.  Make sure you are using the one on the MACH site
2. enabling the Shuttlepro at the same time as the XBox controller.  Mach3 wants only 1 thing at a time to control it
3. setting the slow jog rate really low
4. using a defective controller or one other than the Microsoft XBox360 controller

Try going to Control Panel - Game Controllers - Properties - Settings Tab - Calibrate - select Display Raw data check box.  The range of motion should be 0 to 65535.  If your max number is less than this then it is the controller. Let me know



Well, you have convinced me. I'll take a look at it.  My first thought would be to add some check boxes to the configuration screen.  They might say something like "Reverse Direction" and be right next to the corresponding pulldowns.  Each pulldown and check box would be inside of a box like the Controller Type box.  What do you think of that?

No, it is not possible in the current version to change the direction of the X/Y to be opposite of how the machine is configured.  Why would you want to do that?  It is something I could add if necessary.


I looked at your files and everything looks good. I do not know why you are having this problem.  I will send you a new plugin that does not test for the battery.  In that way, you can use it now until I can figure out what is happening.

Let me know how that works.


That is the same wireless controller that I have and it works fine on my pc.  The problem you are experiencing is likely caused by changes that Microsoft made in the XInput.h and XInput.lib files.

I suspect that you are using old DirectX files.
Here is a link to the June 2008 DirectX end-user redistributable :


or you can simply go to Microsoft's site and search for "DirectX June 2008"  Then pick the June 2008 end-user redistributale from the list.

If you download and install it, it will update your DirectX.  The August 2008 version may work fine,but, I haven't tried that version yet. So stick with the June version for now.

Try that and then let me know how it goes.

Hi Fab,

I am operational again. I need more info.  What model of Wireless Controller and Wireless receiver are you using? Are you using XP or Vista? Normally, the Control Panel will not show battery level but it will allow you to test the controller.  Are you using rechargable batteries or standard? If you are using the Play And charge Kit (sealed rechargeable battery pack), you need to charge it with the cable connected to the controller and the other end connected to the XBox360. Do not try and charge the battery with that cable connected to the pc.  I'll wait to hear from you.


I am in the process of moving and should be operational again next Tues. I will then check the code and see if I missed the full battery indicator. It sounds like you are using tha Microsoft controller and receiver so that should be okay.  Send me an Email with your return email address. If the code needs any touch up I'll do it and send it to you directly for testing.  Got to run-- back to packing.

A new version (2.0) has been posted and includes a number of fixes and improvements.  Note the message on the Mach Plugin page next to my plugin about XINPUT1_3.DLL.

The new version includes such things as:

1. Control up to 4 axes at the same time.
2. Incremental jog for 2 axes.
3. Jog variable speed override using the triggers.
4. Additional programmable functions for the buttons.
5. Low battery warning for wireless controllers.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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