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I am using Vers 2.0.009 (downloaded a few days ago). In Mach3Turn the LED for Enable 1 is always on. I tried going to Ports & Pins menu choice and to the Output Signals tab and all have a red X and show 0 for ports and pins. I tried changing Enable 1 back and forth and it made no change. The red LED stays on. Does anyone, have any suggestions on how to turn it off?
Lee D.

General Mach Discussion / Help with Mach3 Lathe Toolpath display
« on: November 01, 2006, 11:36:38 AM »
Please look at the following and tell me what is happening and how to correct it.
To see the problem do this:

1. Open Mach3 lathe and load program
G20 G40 G49 G80 G90 G94
G00 Z.9
G00 Z.2
G01 Z0 F5 (Move to stock face)
G01 Z-1.2 F4 (Drill in 1.2")
G00 z.9 (Move out to clear)
M30 (rewind)
2. Run it without setting any coords and look at toolpath display.

3. Close the file and open the program
G20 G40 G49 G80 G90 G94 (Imperial and standard modes)
G00 x0.3 Z0.05
S1000 M0
G01 X0.28
G01 Z-1.2 (first cut)
G00 X0.3
G00 Z0.05
G01 X0.26
G01 Z-1.2 (second cut)
G00 X0.3
G00 Z0.05
M30 (rewind)
This is from the Using Turn3 PDF Page 3-10

4. Run the program looking at the toolpath display. Then close the program and reload the first program and run it it again.
It looks different. My first question is why? Apparently program 2 is leaving some leftovers in Mach3 lathe. The only thing leftover that I saw was that X Limits were left in.

My second question is how to make the toolpath display show the right thing if I do not load  program 2. Here is what I am doing. I have a piece of 1.25" Dia. stock that is 1" long mounted in the chuck. I have a drill chuck with drill bit mounted on the crossfeed. I am center drilling the stock to a depth of 1.2". Z is at the face of the stock. The program (no 1) works fine but the display shows the stock face as being at approx -1.0". I have tried changing the world Z coord, machine coords and display coords but I cannot get the right combination to make the display look right.  Can anyone tell me what I need to set to make the toolpath display look right? I want it to look more like what I see after doing the program 2 then program 1 scenario described above.

Hopefully, my rambling makes sense.

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