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General Mach Discussion / G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 24, 2008, 06:43:20 PM »
I can't seem to get constant velocity when doing spirals or thread milling.  I've reduced a facing operation to test the CV mode and when I change the init at the top from G61 to G64 I see the CV light on the Mach screen turn on/off accordingly.

The G1 code cuts a straight line and it seems to "bounce" or turn around without really ramping down and then back up.  That's seems very harsh as far as direction change worst case yet G2 code or G3 coding seems to ramp down and stop for each line.

I can't seem to get it to be continuous.  I've tried all the settings on the general config page in Mach and on the settings screen for CV feedrate.

Nothing seems to make a difference.

(magc_shave 7-13-2008)
G90 G64
 M6  T1 (TOOL CHANGE endmill0500:reg) (MSG, LOAD TOOL # 1) G43 H1
G0 G54 X0.075 Y0.05
G1   Z-0.19  F2.9
  Y-0.05  Z-0.21 
  Y0.   F5.7
G3 X0. Y0.075  R0.075 F2.9
G3 X-0.075 Y0.  R0.075
G0 Z0.10
M05 M09

Any thoughts?


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