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General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 30, 2008, 12:49:02 AM »
Just a follow up and a FYI for someone else that may have this sympton.

After getting the new PC hooked up and configured I was totally bummed as the new PC did exactly the same thing.

What I discovered was that if I raised the kernel from 25K to 45K on the laptop it would time out.  The laptop can't run that fast.  I finally found the setting in the ports/pins configuration.  Not sure why it's there an not in the general configuration section.   :o

When I upped the kernel rate on the PC there was no issues.  Still the program paused or ramped down and up at each line.

I finally found that disabling the backlash solved this.  Enabling backlash again confirms the start/stop and disabling backlashed it runs continuous from line to line.

So, the PC was not all in vain.  One issue down...  Now to go play with the MPG.   ;D


General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 11:20:16 PM »
I don't want to compromise anything on this machine.  The laptop came configured when I bought the machine.  Since I can't hook up the MPG to the laptop it's time to dump it and get a real PC.

I've ordered a PC to be configured with two parallel ports so I can run the machine and have the MPG hooked up.  I'll get the PC on Tues and will report back if it has resolved the CV problem.  Hopefully, the answer will be yes.

No matter...  Hopefully, I'll be able to use the MPG I have.

Thanks everyone for all the help.  I'll let you know what happens with the new PC when it arrives.


General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 06:08:19 AM »
Sorry took so long but I had to modify your xml to reflect my pin asignment.
OK first thing I noticed is you have the kernel set to 35KHz and your motors are tuned faster than that so try setting to 45KHz and see if that helps. Also you have ES set in the General Config page, you want to change that to CV. For this file it shouldnt really matter as you have a G64 in it but just for future.
 Also might be good to set Persistent DROs on the General config page and maybe even persistant tools but that will depend on how you do the tool changes etc.

I tried your file and your xml and it runs fine for me, certainly none of the jerky movements you are seeing, think maybe the Kernel speed change may help you out.

Maybe, it's the laptop I'm using is not fast enough.  The interrupt value seems to hover around 10 ish.  I saw a Mach video tutorial or doc somewhere that described typical numbers.  I don't recall what was good numbers or not.  I seem to recall values around 2-3 being good.  Maybe, the laptop is not up to the task.

Well, that could just push me over the edge to get a real PC and not use the laptop.  I have a MPG that I can't hook up to the laptop since I can't seem to get a 2nd parallel port adaptor to work on the laptop.  USB to parallel doesn't work and I haven't tried a PCMCIA adaptor to parallel yet.

On the debug screen there is a blend box.  When I run the code I see values changing in this box.  Maybe, this is a value relating to CV when it's combining one line to the next possibly the blend value shows the amount of stitching is being performed.

I modified the feed rate to 1.9 on the G1 and G2 commands in the sample test file and it still comes to a complete stop between each command.  It's almost like there is a delay value execution number that is appied between each Gcode line.

Are there other tests that I can perform to isolate this more?

I've learned quite a few things from this.  I have a better handle on G61, G64 commands and how to create G2 commands in two formats.

I am only guessing that the non smooth threadmilling is the cause for rough threads.  Since I can't make it run continuously smooth I can't verify if that is indeed the culprit or it's just the way it is.

The other thing I learned is that when pressing the stop on Mach you can lose a few steps.  Now I know when I crash my tool into my part I should go back and verify my X and Y zeros.

I have checked persistant DROs.  Doesn't seem to work.  I exit the program and restart it and find the DROs have new numbers.  Bummer!

Thanks for the help.  Going to bed now.  It's 3am in the morning.


General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:12:48 AM »
Oh O...  I'm not sure I posted the correct xml file.  I'm using the SyilSX3.xml configuration file that Syil created.  Is that the xml file I need to post and not the mach3 file.

Just in case, here's the Syil xml mach3 config file.

General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:51:49 AM »
Hood, Thanks for replying.

I was beginning to believe pilot error.

I started running at tool change 5.  That's the bottom section of the file.


General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:44:48 AM »
Here's a longer video of a section of code for threadmilling.

I've loaded a drill into the spindle to help visually see the head move.  The CV light was on in the Mach screen.


The associated code:

Code: [Select]
G0 G54 X0.4737 Y0.4156
G1   Z0.0391  F9.0
 X0.4909  Y0.3984   F4.5
G2 X0.4972 Y0.375 Z0.037  R0.0469
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z0.0277  R0.1122 F9.0
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z0.0185  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z0.0092  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z0.  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.0092  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.0185  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.0277  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.037  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.0462  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.0555  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.0648  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.074  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.0832  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.0925  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.1017  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.111  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.1203  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.1295  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.1387  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.148  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.1573  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.1665  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.1758  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.185  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.1943  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.2035  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.2127  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.222  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.2313  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.2405  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.4872 Z-0.2498  R0.1122
X0.4972 Y0.375 Z-0.259  R0.1122
X0.385 Y0.2628 Z-0.2682  R0.1122
X0.2728 Y0.375 Z-0.2775  R0.1122

General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:23:00 AM »
Hope this links works.



General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:12:14 AM »
Ha!!!  Just what I was thinking.  Give me a second.  Uploading.

General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:01:27 AM »
Cool, that makes a lot of sense.

Still, It doesn't seem correct why it whines down off cardinal.  Where it ends up stopping is say 20 degrees off top dead center.  Also, the initial transition into the circle from the straight line it whines down and ends up stopping way past the start point of the circle.  Maybe, there is an offset from where it transitioned into the start of the circle and now is shifted.

It's not in CV mode if the head slows down and stops is it?  that's what is happening.

It seems to behave the same on this particular code with CV on or off.


General Mach Discussion / Re: G2/G3 codes and CV.
« on: July 25, 2008, 02:42:39 AM »
Yes, using the code supplied the CV light is on.  That's not the issue.  Changing the code from G64 to G61 will turn CV off which the CV light goes out on the Mach screen as well.

Either way, the code as is when it run on my machine will "whine" down to a stop and then whine back up when starting the next line of code.  "Whine" is the sound of both the X,Y steppers making music.

I made a simple straight line with two segments.  Just moving X on the X,Y plane the CV on or off changes the machine behaviour.  Changing it to add Z as well also behaves correctly with and without CV mode.

These are G1 linear move commands.  G2, G3 are circular move commands and based on what I'm seeing it appears CV is not implemented on circular moves.


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