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It seems HPC have led me up the garden path a bit with what pulleys I need etc. Even RS are quarter of their price the HTD belts are around £5 even for the big Z axis one. I'm feeling that HTD will do me fine and the sales talk of I need this and that whilst may be true they are better they are a lot higher spec than  I need. The downside with RS is they haven't actually got the sizes I'm after they do ones that are close but not the same. IE 9mm or 15mm pulley not 10mm I guess I would have to go for the thicker but don't want to increase drag anymore than necessary. I'll await MR BSL and AFC on Monday and hope they have good news. Hmmm then again it was HPC that told me what I needed I told them the ratios and the RPM/power of the motors and they told me what size pulleys and belts I needed. I think they probably got that bit right though the fellow did sound like he knew his stuff all be-it a tad pricey.

On Re reading the HPC quote it seems to be for pilot bore pulleys as there's no mention of grub screws or keys.
The steppers I'm using have 9.5mm shafts with a flat on so I'm hoping for 9.5 mm bore and grub screw for the 24 tooth and the 10 tooth pulleys. The 72 tooth are going on to a 16mm keyed shaft and the 80 tooth on to an 18mm keyed shaft. I've given all this info to the various companies and stated I can bore out to 9.5 mm if need be but I'm a bit stuck to put a key way in at the moment. That would be a lot of filing I think :)

That's definitely more like the price I was expecting.
http://uk.rs-online.com/web/search/searchBrowseAction.html?method=getProduct&R=0184842 this is a link for a 72 tooth T5 HTD pulley £19.64 so less than half the price of HPC at £46.83 though they say theirs (HPC) is a reduced backlash pulley. I'm not sure what the difference is between a HTD and a AT5 or ABT5  but I'm guessing the most common is HTD and these will be fine for my application. BSL are getting back to me on Monday now as they either haven't had time to work out a price or someone forgot. I'm also getting a price from anti friction components which is a local bearing supplier that also deal regularly with my place of work. I'm feeling more optimistic now I may be able to get some pulleys after all.

The HPC moto is "we will never be outpriced"  :-)

The 72 tooth ones are £46 plus vat and the 80 tooth t10 ranged from £178 to £203 plus vat depending on if I use a tensioner or not. If BSL come back with £100 or less they will get a new friend. The company I work for has ordered stuff from them before so I've gone through the company connection though I've told them it is private so fingers crossed discounts will be included.

SmoothStepper USB / Re: Welcome to SmoothStepper forum.
« on: July 31, 2008, 03:39:10 PM »
Got mine on the 29th so less than two weeks from order to installed and I don't think you could ask for more than that. I followed the instructions on the warp web site and it install perfectly first time. Greg if you read this some of the links in the write up didn't work but no real problem as the usb driver and plugin was easy enough to find. Anyone else thinking of one be warned the customs dudes add £16 to the price for VAT then parcel force added £8 for their handling fee even with this it was still cheaper to order direct from Warp9td than anywhere else I found :)

The final parts list for 2.16 Nm 1200RPM steppers on each axis is:-

1 X AT5/455/10 10mm WIDE 455mm LONG BELT FOR X AXIS
1 X AT5/545/10 10mm WIDE 545mm LONG BELT FOR Y AXIS

1 X 10T10-17 10 TOOTH PITCH 10mm 17mm WIDE PULLEY FOR Z AXIS
1 X T10/920/12   12mm WIDE PITCH T10 BELT 920mm LONG

It took a while for HPC to reply to me with some figures but the gent was quite helpful. I've now got a bigger problem they’ve quoted me £443 for the above belts and pulleys. That's a figure I just can't afford at the moment I've spoken to BSL and hopefully they are getting back to me tomorrow with a quote but it would have to at least half that figure to be do able. I've got my smoothstepper now and the customs added £16 Vat on top at the border then parcel force added another £8 for their handling costs?? Still it was a bit cheaper than buying the smoothstepper in the UK. I’m a bit gutted at the moment as the £400 + was a complete shocker. It’s my fault of course for not budgeting for it but it puts my project on a firm hold for a bit :( . I’ll look into worm drives or something to see if they work out any cheaper as you can get anti backlash worms and I’m feeling once I’ve got the Mill up and running I can then make some pulleys myself (wishful thinking maybe) . Downside is I won’t be able to use the mill as a conventional one unless I rig up a worm engage/disengage mechanism. Hmmm maybe a car timing pulley could be used I have a couple of them somewhere in the garage.

I just had an email back from HPC gears. I told them originally (when I'd gotten the wrong figures) that I had 3Nm motor rotating at 1800 RPM. I gave then the min center sizes and they have done calcs. They say I'll be good for 10mm on the X and Y axis but due tot he 8:1 ration on the Z I'll need 25mm belt or I can go for a 16mm if I use a tensioner pulley with at least 180 degree wrap around. I'm guessing 10mm will handle the torque it's just the lengths needed to get around a 10 then 80 tooth pulley with center bore size of 16mm. You data obviously confirms this if 16mm works OK for you then 10mm will be OK for me. I've asked them for some prices now and the difference between 16mm with tensioner and 25mm without..

That's good to know. I'll have to keep my eyes open for another one then secondhand preferably. What did we do before eBay ? :)

Thanks. I'm begining to think that maybe my steppers aren't quite big enough. Still it's only a gear change and slowing down the travers so I'll get it going one way or tuther then upgrade in future if need be. Your bridgeport look a bigger beast than mine so maybe it would take 3 times the torque to get it performing properly. I'd be v happy with a performance half of yours ie 1250 mm/m.

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