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Righty ho Leed3. I'll give it a checking. Let me know when I should download the new plugin and bish bosh.

Your limits go straight to a contactor do they ? So it knocks the juice off if they hit?

Not much on ebay at the moment but it was something I'd forgotten about I'm more used to calling it multiflex or metaflex I think as the sparkies used to call it when I was a mere lad in the apprenticeship. I've got a bit of time yet to ge the cable I'll use anything for now just to get stuff working. I'm still waiting for AFC or BSL to get back to me about the pulleys. I'll harass them again tomorrow. I'm on nights at the moment so sorta run out of enthusiasm by the time I get home and the shops are open.

I'll do a search for SY cable thanks....

LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: August 04, 2008, 08:47:04 PM »
Nice. If you can understand it :)

Splendid thanks. I think the old Xbox controllers are a lot cheaper and more plenty full than the newer 360 ones so this may be a handy addition. There is a simple wiring mod that's need to be done to the controller to get it to work and a driver to download that I've tested on Vista and XP and seems to work great. Once we've tested it and found it to be ok I'll write a little guide on how to do it if anyone's interested. When you say 'sensitivity' will I be able to gauge this in Mach or will I need it connected to my CNC mill ? Reason I'm asking is I haven't finished building the MILL yet though I can whir the motors in a threatening manner :)

all works good in the game controller test.. :)

ok a bit more than 10 minutes..i hadn't factored in Vista in the equation... anyway it appears to be running fine in vista now and the numbers are

Ok I'll go find one of my xbox controller and convert it. If all goes well I'll be back in 10 minutes with the required PId. Thanks

This may be a silly question but is the Xbox 360 controler simply a USB device ?  I have a few controllers for the older Xbox and found that these could be converted to USB simply by soldering a USB cable on it (instead of the strange plug it comes with). Would the old Xbox controllers work with this plug in ?

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