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Feature Requests / Re: Turning on a mill
« on: August 07, 2008, 11:46:41 AM »
This was posted on the lazy turn thread. Nice bit of bush turning on a mil (I think). I liked the lack of need for a tool changer and you could use almost as many tools as you liked up to how ever many you can fit on your table. Setting it all up may take some time though.

Thanks for that. I was thinking of the mill thing I thought mill a slot then file off the rounded bottoms of the slot. I did think about the scrapie idea but wasn't sure how I'd stop the toll turning in the mill but of course you're idea with the lathe would get round that problem. I think I've got a bit off HSS somewhere I'll have to have a think when the pulleys come. I believe we have got some of those broaches at work but they are at a different site and may not be that happy to send them across for a novice like me to break them :)...I'll try and think of a job to send one of the mech lads over to the other site and just happen to ask him to take these here three pulleys for keying ;). I suppose most on here have a starting point ie they are already proficient tool makers and just want to take their skills to a new level. I on the other hand still look at the lathe or miller with a what's going on here type approach so have a double learning curve..though I suppose having a software/hardware back ground this part of the conversion isn't so daunting where others may be afraid.

Ok. I've done a fresh install of everything. I found the smooth stepper plug in was still installed even after going to control panel and saying de install mach 3. When I tried to do it manually it appears even though admins had full control and I was signed in as an admin vista thought I didn't have permission to delete anything in the mach 3 folder so looked as if it had but didn't delete anything. Anyway changed the owner to me and ensured every thing gone. Reinstalled Mach 3 version R2.63 and downloaded Xbox360 plug in. Hmmmm no change as mach 3 boots up the pop up is titled mach 4 and the message is
"plug in DLL defective. Reload" I clicked OK and the next message was (again titled Mach 4) Xbox360controller.dll-defective plug in found...ignoring" then Mach 3 continues to load up but without the plug in.

I noticed the non self install difference and I've downloaded the latest Mach 3 just to make sure I was on the right version and it did say mach 4 in the window. I'll erase everything and try again. There is a possibility that due to trying to self install it damaged the file somehow. Be right back.

BSL still haven't responded but AFC have, and their price is £100.21 plus £10 for PnP I don't know if that includes VAT I guess not and don't care much :). I should be getting em on Monday. Problem is they are only pilot bore not keyed etc looking back tot he HPC ones they didn't quote for keyed either though I had told them the shaft sizes and which had keys and which had grub screws. I can bore them out my self no prob but will have to put my thinking head on to figure a way of putting a key in. Still it's do able one way or tuther.

ok downloaded plugin. Put it in the mach 3 plugin folder and started mach 3. It comes up with a message saying mach 4 xbox 360 dll faulty ..reload? It doesn 't reload and then ignores it...Am I installing it wrong?

LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: August 05, 2008, 09:34:10 PM »
Nice work.

Did you mill that PCB or etch it ? I had a bad experience with Ferric Chloride once in my youth making PCB's on a hot sweaty day and ended up with the stuff all over my face..no lasting damage that you can see but was pretty unpleasant for a few years.  Nice to see the ol LED's there multi state LED's would give you red for hit and green for good. The saga continues with the pulleys. I emailed them (BSL) on Saturday to ensure they didn't try and match like for like with HPC but alas it did no good. I phoned them this morn as I hadn't heard anything and they hadn't progressed it at all stating they items didn't look standard. Anyway I explained it all again that as long as I had the ratios and the belts etc roughly the same width IE the system can handle the torque then I could take almost any pulleys. I was on the phone for about 20 minutes explaining I want standard items nothing fancy no matter about flanges or bosses or width of pulley etc etc as long as the 24 tooth and the 72 tooth and the belt matched then it would be ok. I did admit that in my ignorance I had completely misled them by giving them the spec form HPc and asking for a price so it's not really their fault. Anyway you live and learn and have great hopes for tomorrow. I had a good buy on eBay last night got a ER32 R8 collet chuck for £5.75 and a complete collet set up to 20mm for £12 so that should keep me busy for a bit. The gent that had put my lathe and mill base in his locker is in work today/tonight (at long last) so hopefully I can finish drilling and tapping that and it'll be ready for painting and fitting tomorrow.

Thanks. I shall await with the most baited of breath.

LazyTurn / Re: LazyTurn
« on: August 05, 2008, 08:07:57 PM »
Some nice work on both those links. Its interesting to see the different tools on the mill bed and thus no need for a tool changer. I suppose when most think of a 4th axis on a small mill they are thinking of indexing heads (at least I was) but no reason why you couldn't use it to turn if the motors are big enough and are geared to get enough speed.

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