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Some good advice there chaps thanks.
Well I still haven't heard from BSL but my box of bits turned up this morning from AFC. Before ordering I asked them for a price on machining the bores etc and confirmed the sizes I wanted, but alas they couldn't do it and a gent down the road that could was going to double my costs so DIY it was. Only thing is even though I had confirmed the bore sizes with them ie 9.5 mm on all the small pulleys  I got a 10 tooth pulley through the post where the boss and bottom of the teeth only turned out to be about 9.8 mm so I cant use it grrrrrr. HPC had told me I needed T10 on this axis but then I was told no you don't, T5 will do, just make the belt wider. OK I thought that sounds logical for increasing the power capabilities but won't having a smaller pitch mean that the diameter for 10 teeth would be too small for a 9.5mm bore? Nope I was told the max bore is 13 mm on these.  Unfortunately the person giving me the details read the wrong bit in the book or something. Anyway no complaints about their customer service as they were quite apologetic and promise to sort it out first thing on Monday it looks like I can get a 10 tooth and 72 tooth pair with a 1/2 belt if I go for imperial (3/8 pitch) so that's what I'm doing. I did have another radical idea on the keying front and that was due to me not using the handles on the axis any more Id either fix the pulleys to the handle some how or turn down the handle and bore out the pulley to get a nice tight fit and a spot of weld to finish off.

Yep I'll have to get some of them sorted. Thanks for the confirmation CJ (john) I may just have a go at it.


My name is Patrick Herforth.  I am a furniture artist.  I have just gotten into the cnc realm with great enthusiasm.  I see a need for the mundane operations I do that could best be served by the cnc router.
I am electronics's challenged but I learn fast.
Right now I have just purchased the license for Mach3 in hopes it would take care of my problem.  It has not.  I had been running the trial for a couple of months and getting the motors up and running and all was working fine yesterday.  I turn my machine on and double click the Mach3 icon and the signal form pc to controller goes dead.  I can restart the computer and the signal from pc to breakout lights up but as soon as I double click the icon and the program starts the signal is lost.
Hope someone can help me.  I would love to start using this machine.
Any help is welcomed.

Hello Patrick. There's no shortage of help in this forum and I'm sure the great and good will sort you out. However they may not pick up on the message in here. Scan around the other posts to see if there's anything similar or start a new thread something like PC/Mach was working now dead--help please. Put as much detail as posible in your opening post.  :)

Ah. It's always good to know that it wasn't my fault......then again it may still be my fault, just not totally. :) I'll keep my eyes on the thread and give it another go when appropriate.

Well it is Friday so it would be traditional. :) . Plan for tomorrow is to powder coat my base frames (If I can figure out how to do it) now that I've wrestled them back from the fellow that hide them. Working on eves tomorrow which may hamper my efforts. I have a stumbling block that I can't then get the mill or the lathe on their retrospective stands as they are too heavy. I have a cunning plan that involves borrowing a pallet truck from somewhere, getting the stands and the machines outside then using my tractor to lift them on. Ones on then my new fangled bases make it easy to maneuver them around. If I can do this tomorrow then I'll be in a position to start chipping on Saturday but at present I haven't got the use of a pallet truck. I can borrow one from work for an hour over the weekend may be.

Feature Requests / Re: Turning on a mill
« on: August 07, 2008, 04:22:04 PM »
 :D :D :D so you're still 0.001 % up on me then.

Don't put yourself to any trouble Mr HOOD it was more of a passing thought than anything I'm seriously considering at the moment. Pulleys come tomorrow with any luck.

Feature Requests / Re: Turning on a mill
« on: August 07, 2008, 02:58:46 PM »
Gimme a few months at this before I start disagreeing with you HOOD,  for now if you say it then I believe it.  ;D << tongue firmly in cheek.

When(if) I do my lathe conversion is it a reasonably attainable goal to produce the pulleys myself on the mill ? Some of the belts have half round teeth so it could be done on a three axis if the tool is the right diameter. I suppose an automated indexing head (4th axis ) would make it a lot easier and could then do square bottomed teeth as well. I've seen on another forum where people melt there own aluminium and produce blanks in sand moulds. Would that give a good enough quality on the alluminium to then be machined and be good for 1000 RPM?

Feature Requests / Re: Turning on a mill
« on: August 07, 2008, 01:22:02 PM »
Have a stud on the template that you could clamp in the spindle then jog it to wherever you wanted and some parallel guide rail on the bottom of the template to line up with the T slots then Z axis it down on to the bed clamp and away you go bish bosh. I thought you could use mach turn swapping the Z and Y axis as you suggested but have the tool selection as a tool change sub routine.  Might actually be easier for a one off batch of small sized jobs than building a tool changer on your Lathe.

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