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I got them lifted on the stands OK and my Chinese ER32 collets and chuck turned up today..

just waiting for them to download from the camera.

Yep I got it. You'll regret you asked I've got a loads of them.  ;)

Ok I got some pics...just godda figure out how to post them.

I'm getting closer. I've got the borrow of an engine hoist on Monday. So my machines can finally be put on their stands and I could even destroy some perfectly good bits of metal with them.  Handles have been sent back so don't know how long they'll be to get back to me. I'll have to get some pics done...Maybe tomorrow when I finish painting my frames.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Logic Probe
« on: August 21, 2008, 02:36:51 PM »
I find logic probes very handy when setting stuff up. On another thread I've asked if anyone else would find one built on as a plug in to Mach 3 would be handy though I haven't had much response so far. Leeds3 is assisting me in looking in to the possibility of making a plug in that will have a logic probe screen on Mach 3.  I've made the probe and it works ok and for a very low cost.

Ha . Who's showing off now ?

Motor turned up from arceuro today. I'm getting closer now. I'm hoping to borrow an engine lift this week to get my machines on to their stands..at near 400Kg each I struggle a bit to lift them :)

Another mistake I've made is the size of the  z axis belt. I had worked out the size and HPC couldn't do that size but suggested the next one up, same sort of thing with the next companies I tried then the pulley got bigger so that meant a bigger belt. The belt I ended up with is much too big (long) still I'll get it assembled and order another one the right size it's a cheap enough mistake to make.

I'm tempted to think the same that I'll probably never use them but trying to tread a little cautious. Me and luck so far on this project don't seem to be seeing eye to eye :). I've ordered the Z axis stepper from www.arceurotrade.co.uk  these were slightly more expensive than motion control product but motion charge £10 PnP where as Arc only charge £3.95 so just come in a bit cheaper.

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