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I will duplicate the issue tomorrow and see if a reset fixes it.



I don't think I wrote a custom macro, but maybe I did at some stage. It happens with a clean install, so I am dubious, that I wouldn't have noticed it b4. Perhaps mach3 has changed? It is possible that option wasn't enabled by default in previous versions?

Out of curiosity, are you able to replicate this issue Hood?

FYI here's what Greg said:

"Thanks for the detailed de_script_ion with the screen shots. The DROs will only change if the board is reporting positions back to Mach. So internally the board is creating those moves but they are evidently not being output on the pins. My guess is that it somehow ended up in Offline mode. In that mode I disabled the outputs but ran the plugin as normally as possible. I'll look into it this afternoon. If I can't recreate it may write a plugin for you to try that will alert you if it ends up in that mode.



Cheers Dave

No I don't think that speed is there for anything in particular, but 1000 seems to be a good starting speed.

Cheers Dave

Is this M9004.m1s? if so its contents are:



Here is a screen shot of the solution

I found the answer to the problem, and I'll post it here in case someone else runs across the same issue. The fix was simple (as most fixes are). All I had to do was uncheck in General Config, the box that said : On program end tun off all outputs.

Why this caused the issue in the first place I don't know, but I suspect that it is a bug in the Ess plugin. I'll ask on the Warp9 forum to see what Greg thinks.



Whoops things must be getting to me. The document name should be 2012 not 2011 and I've got things around the wrong way in my previous post as well. It should read " the PC that normally controls the lathe" The laptop was only to test things on a different PC.

A bit further on the road to resolution of the issue.
Tried a vanilla install of mach3 on my laptop, then copied my current mach3 folder from the PC to the laptop that normally controls the lathe.The problem was identical, and so must be a setting somewhere, probably in the xml file.
I have now taken screen shots of every config screen that is not default, and put them in a word document, which I have attached.

I am even surer now that it is something that I have done, perhaps something will stick out for another user in the attached document?

 I appreciate your time having a look.

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