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Forum suggestions and report forum problems. / Re: skip in z axis
« on: June 09, 2008, 11:58:23 AM »
do you have a loose set screw or something silly like that. I have run into that problem in the past

I have built my own machine for woodworking purposes. I have 2 motors which drives my y-axis, which develops missed steps. I was using 1/8 steps, but after 120 seconds, it would start to miss steps every 10 seconds. I dropped the steps down to 1/2 steps and all is well. I suppose I can get by with this, but at slow speeds, it just doesn't sound nice and is slightly jerky, which may not be noticeable for woodworking...
I am running these motors in parallel, 640 oz-in., direct drive rack and pinion. The breakout board is a 4-axis board, which the co. that built it no longer exists (Awesome!).
My other 2 axis are flawless.
I would like to incorporate a gear reduction system for the y-axis, but it seems quite pricey.

Any ideas?

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