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thanks for that I am able to "post" my file in MC9.1 and it says it is sending the NC file but where is it sending it ( as the MC required me to select a Parrallel port and othe techno stuff)  MAch3 does read the files

in an I deal situation should I have a Cad program like MC9.1 on the "office PC" and then Mach3 on the "pendent / controller" connected to the Router

would these two computers be connected via a .........'parrallel port'......Maybe??

I'm currently using Mach3 but hoping to use masterCam to drive my router..

Mach3 is loaded to the computer signal comes out of the parallel port to the stepper Amps, which intern drive the stepper motors, 

I notice that Mc9.1 or Mc-X come with a router option does this mean it shouldwork on my router ???\

will the Post proc. that is listed here drive my machine

Sorry I'm a little slow and this being my first post can be deemed a a Silly Question....

I'm running a dayton Machine with Mach3 and I don't believe I have a post....  what does this mean ?.....

Lets say that I load MasterCam or Rhino or oneCNC etc... are you guys saying that my router wont work cause I don't have a "POST"  If this is the case How do I know what post will work with my router???

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