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Hi tweekie the program doesnt work. it will not start up I get a pop up that says component 'comdlg32.ocx'or one of its dependencies not correct, rigistered a file missing or invalid   do you ever get this message or do I have to register it or what.

Hi Tweekie I tried to put the file on the computer it just gave me a error message . It said some file missing and it was stoped. I will try again and write down the message or maybe even try it on the other computer. I will get back to you . Tere must be some time difference between us the message board said you posted 12 oclock last nidht and again at 5 this mornig . Where are you .

tweekie I just saw that the file you gave me is the same one you used in your site. But when I tried to open the file it would not open. does it go into mach or how do you open it to use.

Tweekie there is a man from holand back in july of   2010 under heading of general discussion  named blitskreik that was working on a conversion for mach3 I was able to get a hold of him. But he said the couldnt get the cutting offsets to work. Couldnt get a hold of him  again. It was under the heading producing gcode with signgo. Take a look.

thanks tweekie on ypur web site you had a programtarget to gcode you said works do you still use it or have you made your own post proccesser (converter)if you whant my adress is   larryellencharlton@hotmail.com   

Thanks tweakie. I have seen your web site afew times and I like what you have been doing. What is the roland vynl cutting program. that you use. is it easy to use .. I dont care what program it is. As long as it works and is easy to use . Not the brightest cookie on the block when it comes to computers. But I can make thing work most of the time. I guess I am just lucky as most of the time I dont know what I did all I know is most of the time I get things to work.  I am not sure when you posted  but I would have got back Quicker but I had a heart atack last week got home friday an I am still a bit slow getting around.  Again thanks hope you help some more.

Hi all I was hoping somone would be able to give me some help. even if there is no way to convert the two programs. I was hoping that there was a vynl cutting program that would use g code for mach3 out of the all the world there must be somthing.

General Mach Discussion / need help conveting hpgl files to work on mach
« on: February 13, 2011, 10:27:29 PM »
Hi. I am looking at using a vynl cutting knive on my 5x10 foot cnc router. I have the set up to do pen plotting and cutting of vynl and card stock. I dont plan on getting a vynl cutter . The program that I use to do most of my cutting is aspire. but I need the offsets for getting good corners and the overcut for weeding it is .025 mm. the offset and overcut is because the cutter follows at this distance.  the program that I am trying is signgo  it is found at signgo.com out of england I think. Is there  a way to get a post processor to convert there file into gcode for mach3. that is the program that I have been using sence it came out and I dont want to go to another driver. I just need a vynl cutting program that will go with mach. If we cant convert this program to the right code does anyone know of a program to cut vynl that will work. I dont want to reinvent the wheel just cut some vynl with my machine. it is step and direction.steppers.run by mach..They do there output with HPGL . most  hpgo to g code converters dont accept signgo hpglfiles or any that I could find.  There is a universal plotter driver that a man from hollad got g code set up to work  but he had trouble with the offsets not working. Could someone out there please help me I know ther are some real smart people on the mach forum. and am hoping. also if this is the wrong spot on the forum moe it where it will get the most veiws . Thank you.

General Mach Discussion / Re: how to hook up a e stop
« on: December 04, 2009, 10:37:58 AM »
Yes Duncan that is the board I think I bought it from you if that is your web site.  I just reread th instructions this morning. I had to go out to the shop and get it out of my other computer. I will hook it up as said with a nother switch as said to turn of the board until ready to reacivate it. I think I will be needing the relay board in  the near future so I will probly be getting ahold of you  I want to start the spindle and vacum with the board as well. So that when I push estop they will all stop as well as startin them with the program when I am ready to cut not 2 or 3 minutes befor,

General Mach Discussion / Re: how to hook up a e stop
« on: December 04, 2009, 10:26:33 AM »
Thanks guys I realy apreciated the help. I was reading the instructions on the bob this morning and it said that the estop will cut power to the motors when activated. It uses normaly closed and when you push the button it opens the switch making it go low. It also said when estop was pushed it would send a signal back to mach 3 or control software informing it of the action. I dont know how but I guess all I realy need to know is how it works (or I mean that it does work???) I have never hooked up the estop as I was afraid it would do somthing stupid like destoy my program or somthing along that line. I will be hooking it up within the next few days. Keep our fingers crossed.  HA HA

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