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Hood thanks I will try that - ( turning off the toolpath display on the diagnostic page)

on the other hand there is no issues with the axis or the drives, this is confirmed buy the fact that - immediately if we run a new smaller program then we do not face this issue.

The axis performs really well and we use offset machine for carving on hard wood.

R/ Irfan

Hood, well have done that already - the thing is that the machine works well when I run programs which last less than an hour, and all works as it is supposed too, only when I run huge programs with file sizes upto 6lakh lines, is when I face the problem.

Hi folks,

I have a cnc router with a Intel Atom (1.6Ghz) single core with 1gb of RAM as the control PC and running Mach3,

It behaves peculiarly - when running small programs like say which have a time span of less than an hour - the router works perfectly, however when there are programs which run for like 2 hrs or more the last move "g0x0y0Z25" wehere Z 25 is the safe height of the program triggerrs a high acceleration  move which results in lost steps on the Z and Y axis as I have noted.

This also happens in another point during use of "run from here" option here say the safe height is set to 25 and the machine tries to get it done so fast that the Z motor just looses its position,

For me it is as if the mach is not able to provide the pulses the way it is set to (on motor tuning) and is pulsing way fast for the steppers to cope up.

Any ideas on why this behaviour - the mechanicals seem to be perfect from my point of view -

I use PP to run my router.

R/ Irfan

Finished Plugins for Download / Re: Huanyang VFD controller plugin
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:18:28 AM »
Ah Matt, now I gotta see how busy you were :)
does this plug work with any other VFD, I assume not :)


It would be worth mentioning the modification and use of Permanent Magnet DC motors as Servos and how they differ from the regular ones, and what to keep in mind while using them...........

Love U for what U do

U are right, it may need to be a bit more complex than just winding a coil, but as far as it is to be wound the software could be done in any way possible for the specific application........U only need to know the different patterns used for windng glass on a mandrel and make the program run that way.

Correct me if Iam wrong..........I am just suggesting....... :)

Let us not forget the composite industry, there is a whole lot of future to the coil winder from mach (if Art considers it) Composite industry utilizes the coil winding for winding glass for making pipes, tanks etc........it would open up a whole lot of market.........It could be in the form of a plugin oras Mach Winder..... a part of the whole Mach package.

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