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Hello Hood
On the debounce issue tried 2000, ref all home Z homed and immediately reset. Jog is still very slow.

All three LEDS for home and limit are lit, yellow on diagnostics page. M1++Limit,    M1- -Limit,   M1 Home.

I can send you a Snagit of the screen if you like.

Regards  Ron.

Hood Thankyou.
Its 9 pm here in South Aust. I will fire up the mill tomorrow morning and check those LEDS and let you know.
Thanks Ron.

Hello Hood
Thanks for the offer to look at my XML; sorry about the delay, I  have PD and can't always get to my workshop. I have the file now but being new I don't know how to attach it.
Guess what, I just saw additional options!!! I have already tried a reload thats why this file is renamed '2' 

Hope this works.   Thanks.


Thank you Hood for such a prompt reply, being my first ever post, I am amazed.
On the switches, I used very high quality micro switches which probably was a mistake as my Y axis will go off from cutter vibration or a tool dropped onto the Taig bench. I am replacing them with push button switches.
I will give the bounce thing a try.
With the jog thing I know about and use the shift key all the time, but now suddenly it has only one speed and that is so slow.
Regards Ron.

My Taig mill has decided to sloow right down on jog, and Ref Home All refs Z and then immediately resets!!!l
I am running Mach3 VR3.042.027. The Taig is the later version, 2 years old now. I tried reinstalling the xml files and reboot to no avai.
I have checked the jog settings and even pushed to 100% but is no different.
Many Thanks

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