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Nice work on the probe plug in.  I really is doing a great job.

couple things though.

I am getting two sets of reads for each datapoint.  One point is above the other.  i seems as if the retract and the probe signal are both giving points.  It kind of looks like two layers of dots. 
How can I get just one layer of reads, has anyone seen this problem?

I need to probe a large part.  Is there a way to pause a routine, save file and come back to it.  Once the probing starts seems there is no way to stop the routine.  Not reset, escape,pause nothing.  Seems there are times when you want the probe to stop and adjust things.  Do I need a special screen configuration file for this.  All I have to control the probe is a pull down.

thanks Rich

Mach Screens / Prob Plug in Screen wanted
« on: January 22, 2009, 03:11:13 PM »
Does anyone have a nifty screen to load up for DIY probing.  I can't seem to even stop a probing routine.  Also a full screen of the probe data points path would be nice.

Thanks for replies.  I found out it is indead a saftey thing.   Please tell me if I am wrong but there seems no way to test the probing without having a probe in there.  What I mean is the mill would crash the head or go to zero on the part and there would be not signal from a probe to register?  or am I incorrect would the Z axis go to zero then retract and move to next spot repeat process without a probe??

Maybe its worth a try without probe/

I installed the plugin for probing.
looks very cool.  any tips on how to use this correctly without destroying my new probe?

maximum z height for stuck probe?  what is this how to use it??


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