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This is the reply I got back from someone that makes nice probes.

"I did some testing on your probe,  I stretched the spring a bit to prevent any noise from false trips.  I also tried a heavier spring but I didn't like it,  it is just a little too heavy.

The problem is not the probe but the software,  I got the same double points.  What it looks like to me is the software records the touch point and the reset point. This software plugin needs work."

Seems others are having the same problem....

Is this Input singal debouncing?  Right now it is set for 1000.  Will this effect my servos though??  I have the mill decently working dont want to screw that up.
Thanks, R

hi Scott thanks how do i change the 400ms on the probe you mentioned?   So all those posts I read about 5 threads about double points are just people with bad probes?  Thanks Rich

I sent Art and message asking if he would send a copy to me of the source code for the probing plugin. If he does I will see if there is an "Undocumented Feature" vs. you may be getting bouncing from your probe.....

you could set your debounce up to like 400ms (or higher),  just for kicks to see if it loads a double point.


Thanks Scott,

How do i change debounce to 400ms?  My probe itself is not adjustable.  I did not see an option in the plugin.  Getting this plugin to work right would really change my work flow.


Is this double point thing truely a bug? Or is it caused by bounce? 

How can this plugin be available if its broken?

I dont know who made it.  Does anyone?

From main page


I have read allot of posts about people getting two sets of dots, often cited as a problem with the plug in.   Curious though if it is just cheap probes getting false reads when the mill head stops retracting.  There have been allot of posts regarding this as a bug.  My probe is also giving sterio dots.  Is somethign wrong with the plug in?


probing right now gives two sets of points per probe this makes it impossible to create surfaces with CAD applications.  Is there an hope that some good soul could check out what is going on?  The plugin is fubar because of this.  Thanks !

General Mach Discussion / Re: Digitizing
« on: June 30, 2009, 12:50:22 AM »
Hi Guys:

  I promised soem photos of the digitized prop..

 65000 points, 6 hours. .5mm grid..


I know this is an old thread, can you tell me how you avioded the dreaded two point per probe bug?  my points clouds are useless, my probe hence is not usable, need to probe some parts badely.

bump diddi bump...

nothing?  need a way to pause or end & save a probing routine.  Also probe plugin is generating datapoints on retract and on touch. 

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