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I have made a new mach3 mill profile (called Mill_XAZ) as a clone of my original profile (caled Mill_XYZ). The new profile is so that I can mill easily on tube surfaces. The profiles are both for the same mill and nothing is changed on the mill.
The main difference betwen the 2 profiles is that in Mill_XAZ, I have swaped the motor outputs betwen Y and A axis. There will also be scaling of A axis when I have calculated it.
With the new profile, I can now run g-code written for XYZ with the machine using the rotary axis in place of the Y axis.
How can I get both profiles to share the same offset and tool tables? This is important because if I change a work offset or a tool, I need the change to be exactly the same in both profiles.

General Mach Discussion / Engraving around outside of a tube
« on: December 17, 2009, 10:43:53 AM »
I have a job to do which involves engraving text and logo around the outside of small (20mm) tubes. The engraving would be at a single fixed depth of, say, 0.1mm.
My mill is a K2 clone with a 4th axis (rotational). The rotation is parallel to the Y axis. So, the cutting movements will be on X and A axis( with the plunge on Z axis as usual).
I also have the full version of Lazycam installed. 8)
The logos etc. are graphics files. They can be easily converted between graphics file formats.
How can I do this engraving job without buying additional, expensive software?

General Mach Discussion / What is Mach4
« on: November 08, 2009, 12:54:27 AM »
In the forum, I find various references to "Mach4" my own Mach3 even pops-up "Mach4" error messages. Is there a version 4 available somewhere?

I have a number of G-Code files that use my own standard lists of parameters. For example, I have a standard set of feed rates, I also have sets of standard parameters for various stock.
When I write a new code file, I include many of these standard parameters at the beginning of the file. This works OK but it's cumbersome. Also, when I change the stock for a job I have to re-write all the files for that job with the new stock parameters, this is tedious and is prone to errors.
How can I put these parameters in external files (macros?) so that I can then call the correct set of parameters from the G-Code file? Is there a way to include an external file within a code file (like the "include" statement in PHP) or must the parameters be set in macros?

Here is a small example of parameter settings that I use in many code files:

(max feed rate)                #2001=200
(feed rate inch 4)            #2101=[#2001*0.03]
(feed rate inch 3)            #2102=[#2001*0.06]
(feed rate inch 2)            #2103=[#2001*0.1]
(feed rate inch 1)            #2104=[#2001*0.2]
(feed rate slow 2)            #2105=[#2001*0.4]
(feed rate slow 1)            #2106=[#2001*0.7]
(feed rate normal)           #2107=[#2001]
(feed rate fast)                #2108=[#2001*1.5]
(feed rate fast 2)             #2109=[#2001*2]

Can anyone give me an example of how I can call the above code (stored in it's own file) from within any G-Code file?

General Mach Discussion / Change homing order - which file do I edit?
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:39:38 AM »
Due to the mechanical build of my micro mill, I would like to change the homing order so that the homing order is Y, X, Z, A.
My requirement is that the Z axis homes, downwards, after the X and Y have homed to their normal positions. It is important for the X and Y to home first as they go to the position where the tool length sensor is. The Z axis can then home down onto the tool length sensor.
I am sure that the code to do this is very simple but I can't find which file the code should be in! ::)
Can anyone tell me where I can find the file that should be edited?

I have a part program that rotates the a axis about 10 times during one cut. I would like to reset the a axis DRO to zero after this cut without stopping the program. I takes too long to drive the axis back to zero as it is a very slow axis.

General Mach Discussion / error "too many nests Mach4"
« on: July 26, 2008, 06:28:13 AM »
Can anyone explain the error popup that says "too many nests Mach4"???
I am using Mach3.
Is there a limit to the nesting levels in a program?
What is this limit?
Does this limit apply to parameters or to subprograms (or to both)?
I am nesting maybe 4 deep with common calculations as parameters.
My sub programs are also nested up to 4 deep.
Nesting common blocks of code reduces input errors and makes the program much shorter.

In the Mach3 directory tree there is a folder called "subroutines".
If I store subroutine files in this folder how can I use the subprograms that they contain in my other programs???
This would be very useful to know as I have a number of standard subroutines that I use in various program files.

General Mach Discussion / Cannot get Mach 3 to run sub progams
« on: July 13, 2008, 11:15:39 AM »
Hope someone can help. I've been trying for days to get Mach3 to run a sub-program, without success. I've searched the forum but found no answer that works. I used to be able to run subs until a few days ago.
Here is an example of a simple sub that Mach3 won't run:

G00 G90 G17
X120 Y0 Z0
M98 P1001 L2

G01 G91 X-1
G90 Y5

Please could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong... :'(

I know this is gonna be simple but I can't figure it out. Where, exactly (which screen, which tab etc.) can I enable the soft limits?
I would love to benefit from the video tutorials which I'm sure cover this but I'm deaf and without sound the tutorials don't make any sense!

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