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Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: Z Axis Counter Weight
« on: December 05, 2011, 10:25:28 AM »

The correct way would be figuring the centre of gravity of the head and anchor it there, I think.

Regarding vibration dampening, this should not be a factor to be considered as the chain cannot transfer any substantial vibrations. The vibrations will be dampened by the head mass and also transferred to the column and base via the linear slides and thus it's important to have well preloaded linear blocks.

That was my thinking when looking at anchoring closer to the spindle, as the Bridgeport type head and spindle is about 75lbs. As for the linear blocks and rails, when i got them i checked THK website and iam pushin the specs:) Thats the biggest reason iam putting a counter weight on. Take some unneeded stress off of them.

I think i will design counter weight to be "adjustable" , so if needed i can change anchor location. Just dont like Re - Work ;)

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Z Axis Counter Weight
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:53:01 PM »
Hello all,
 Looking for some advise on where to anchor my counter weight to head assembly. Should it be anchored closer to spindle or closer to linear rails? Ive seen it done both ways on the big VMCs. Wouldnt it be better to have it closer to spindle, to aid in vibration dampening? But, isnt there a possability that a "binding" effect can happen if i anchor out to far? Please look at pics to see what i have designed so far.


Is the same result?: You get button responses when using left joystick or the joystick is working as joystick?

The joystick is read 10 times per second and the jogging speed is calculated and set but only if SL and/or SR is pressed, else speed is decelerated to zero.
If you hold the joystick at max position and tap the SL or SR you will get fast acceleration/deceleration to/from max jogging speed.

Have you been through the gamepad calibration process in the control panel?

- Joakim

When i have 'Mode' button on, I get button responses from left Joystick while holding SL or SR.I did the gamepad calibration also.


I got the same results as you described, when using the "All Buttons Script".
 How does your Logitech work when using Joysticks with mode button off? With my Logitech i get much better and stable results by first moving joystick and then holding SL or SR button. But this can cause a sudden move if i have the joystick pushed to far. Is this how yours works?

Thanks again,

Removed all of plugins. But i do not have a JoyPad.Device.Setup, the 3 files i have is JoyPad.dll, JoyPad.Button.Setup and JoyPad.Button.txt

After removing all plugins I still get the same results on 2 different computers. Watching closer when i have 'Mode' button on, if i hold 5 or 6 safe button and move left joystick to the left, all axis DROs go to 0.0000

Whats next?


After reinstall of plugin and GamePad, then selecting the 3 axis mill button map, all is still the same.

 If i have the "Mode" button on, Z axis is the only axis that will jog. If i turn off the "Mode" button then i must move a axis stick and then a Safe button( 5 or 6), in order for axis to jog.
What else to try?


Macro is unchanged and all button mapping is correct. To be sure iam going to remove plugin and macro then reinstall plugin.Also remove GamePad form Device Manager and reinstall it.
Ill let you know what happens.


Just to be sure i selected the 3 axis mill config and checked the button map and all is correct. But still have the same issue.


 The 'Mode' button? If i turn on the Mode button then the X Y joystick does nothing, and then the PN,PW,PE,PS buttons become XY direction.
Its a Logitech Dual Action.


 Have a question on using the JoySticks. How are they supposed to work? Do i 1st press and hold either the 5 or 6 button, then move the joysticks? Or move joystick then hold 5 or 6 button? If i do the first, sometimes i get no movement on any axis but X. When i do the 2nd (move joystick then hold 5 or 6 button) then  axis jog with no issues. Seems like it should be, hold 5 or 6 button then move Joystick. Can the order be changed?


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