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Can anyone give me a basic walk threw of configuring a external push button to work as a Cycle Start in Mach4 and Pokeys 57E?

Got more wired up. The Buttons on front of Head are now all wired. Iam now configuring Mach and Pokeys.Waiting on some more panduit/ slotted wire conduit to button up the cabinet.

Got drives all wired up,relays wired and DIN rail power supplies. Working on wiring up more I/Os to the Pokeys.

Got some more parts mounted.

Thanks. Stick around this group and you will get more info on DIY CNC than you will know what to do with ;) Whoops ... got a new camera ,forgot to change setting on camera, still figuring it out :)

Does anyone know the protocol for fusing Servo Drives, Power supplies  and such? I have been in several industrial cabinets and some are fused and some are not. Do you need to fuse the incoming DC voltage to a servo drive? And should the DIN rail power supplies be fused on the AC input, DC output or both?
Any input much appreciated.

Good bye old control :( :)

Braking circuit mounted with a heat sink.

Drives and heat sinks mounted up.

Few more pics...

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