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Trying to install a smooth stepper on my PCNC 1100 mill. I have everything working except the spindle. I cannot make any relays energize from the control software to make the spindle run. Does anyone have a Tormach that has successfully made this work. I am using the Mach 3 stand alone version as Tormach does not support there mach platform anymore and someone from Tormach told me the ESS plugin will not work with there legacy mach program.

I can run the spindle manually from the front panel of the machine. Once I start the spindle, power is applied to the VFD and the spindle starts. I still have no control from the control computer. If I shut the spindle down from the front panel, power remains on the vfd but I still have no control from the computer. I am hoping someone on here has gone through this and has some answers and please forgive my ignorance. I have very little electrical knowledge, just enough to get me in trouble. Does anyone know how Tormach supplies and applies power to the vfd contactor. There are also 5 ice cube relays on the bob so any help with which if any of them feed the VFD is appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.


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« on: December 31, 2009, 04:58:29 PM »
Can some tell me how to change my table display. I would like for x to display north and south on the display and y to display east and west. Right now my x displays east and west and y is north and south. I had it working this way but something caused it to change and I can't remember how I changed it before. When jogging the machine, all movement is correct. Up and down arrow moves x north and south and left and right arrows move y east and west but the display shows opposite and when running a program x is east and west and y is north and south. Hope this makes sense and thanks for any help.


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