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Thanks You very much!!!!



Attached. 2 type of the G code.

Actually i have purchase the 3 axis kit from Probotix.Waiting for the goods now. I have no idea how to setting with Mach. Isit just plug n play?

Regarding my quetions is. Shall we "tell' the Mach the size of the leadsrew,n etc....n how to let Mach know about the machine size? Maybe all this is Stupig quetions....:)

Best Regards,

Hi Hood,

Ic.. Thats means Mach have not problem to load the G Code from Artcam?  I  m worry about this actually..

Where i can know more info about machine setup with Mach?
Best Regards,

General Mach Discussion / Mach shown G code only HALF in the screen
« on: April 21, 2008, 07:12:49 AM »
Dear all,,

New user here.Starting build my own CNC month ago. I m using Mach 3 ( free untimed trial version)

I have try to load G Code from ARTCAM (G code file type=Mach2 mm,Gcode mm). but in Mach shown only HALF in the screen.(maybe can say RUNNING half)   Is there setting problem? Anyone know how to solve this?

Pls help me!!

Sorry about my English. Hope you all will understanding what i m try to tell.

Best Regards,
Hawk (ARTCAM designer) 

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