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One more quick question, something installed today has significantly slowed down my axis when I change direction in the axis.  I'm sure I can't be the first person this has happened to, is  there a thread that discuss' this?  I did a quick search and found nothing on it.

I rapid at 50 IPM and when I change direction, it starts, then slows down to zero then ramps up to 50.

The link for the screen editor is not working, does anyone have an updated link?

Works perfect thanks guys!   I just installed it on all my machines!  Anyway to configure a button to do this:

g00 x0y0

I do that move a lot instead of go to z

Ok, I'm installing the newer version now, sorry about this

1.84?  Where do I go to upgrade, I didn't even know there were updates out there, sorry about this.

I can provide screenshots if you all think it will help.  I've been using mach3 for over a year, almost daily.  This is the first upgrade I've ever tried, it has always worked perfectly for me.  I have three CNC machines running mach 3 right here in my home shop.

When I go to www.machsupport.com/plugins.php  I download the shuttle pro file it is a .m3p file, not a dll file.  So I guess I'm confused, where do I get the dll file?

When I open mach 3, and go to the config menu, there is no option for "Config plugins".  Do you have to have the dll there? 

My mach 3 subdirectory only has "addons, bitmaps, gcode, help, macros, subroutines, turnaddons, xmlbackups" as subdirectorys, none called "plugins".

plugin under the menu items in Mach 3.

Thanks in advance for the help, I was able to download the plugin file.  Just don't know what to do with it now

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